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How To Find A Home Healthcare Nurse? How We Can Help

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There are a few ways to find a quality home healthcare nurse if you are looking for care for your senior family member. The first is to find a private caregiver or nurse, and interview them yourself. When looking for a home healthcare nurse this way, it is important to ask a few qualifying interview questions. Gauge what their temperament is and ask them behavioral questions that give you insight into their style of care. It may be worthwhile to hire the caregiver on a trial basis. Home healthcare agencies are an entirely different affair. Most home healthcare nurses employ nurses which have worked with them for years and hold them up to a high degree of service standards. This option also proves to be more expensive in most cases.

We help families and seniors find quality home healthcare nursing services, by matching them with providers that have been vetted against a number of quality standards. We make sure to do indepth research on each service provider to make sure that they have not suffered from quality complaints in the past. The providers admitted to the program also have high standing in the US Dept of HHS. Each year, the Department of HHS releases a set of quality measures and their ratings for each facility. Carecrunch goes through this information and presents it in a clear and concise manner so that individuals seeking long term care have this information at their disposal.

The ratings do not mean everything, but they do have to play some part in making your long term care decisions. Medicare ratings are based on HHS inspections made on a quarterly and yearly basis depending on the state. Other important ratings systems to check is the OSCARs system. There are a lot of different factors that go into these ratings and it is important to check with local sources as well to make sure that the service you are looking at is trustworthy.

This is what we aim to do with our application. We are developing an application to help seniors and family caregivers find long term care and financial resources to fund that care. Seniors and families find it incredibly frustrating searching for the right type of care. We aim to ease that burden by becoming your online geriatric care managers. We help you in your search for long term care by first doing a short assessment which takes less than 5 minutes to do, after which we suggest providers to you that have been carefully vetted by our quality assurance team. After than we lead you to financial services in your area that you can tap into.


Finding Senior Home Services Using The CareCrunch Network

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If you are admitted into the CareCrunch Provider network, your listing will be broadcast across our many print, web, and other advertising vehicles geared towards seniors and families seeking long term care. The calls, which come to you, are especially qualified because they see a listing that is specific to your company or organization. This means that they are looking specifically for a service like yours and know exactly what they’re getting into. CareCrunch network providers are only charged on a performance basis. There is no advertising monthly listing fee and no set up fee. You are only charged for what you receive in qualified phone calls. Phone calls must be greater than 30 seconds in duration and cannot be repeat calls within a 48-72 hour period. This means that you can expect qualified calls to your company.

Each company is assigned a forwarding phone number which tracks incoming calls and the duration of each call. You can review this report at the end of each month with your invoicing statement. The main benefit of the program is that it is a cost effective solution compared with referral agencies. Referral agencies frequently charge up to 75% of the first month’s rent rate. The average cost of acquiring a resident for assisted living facilities going through our program is $250, which is 5 times less than many other referral agencies. Our program is geared towards helping senior living programs which have a dedicated staff to handling sales and marketing functions. As a result, six bed assisted living facilities and smaller sized firms do not make ideal partners.

Again, the cost of these leads are very inexpensive compared to the price you would pay with other print and online advertising vehicles. You can be assured that you are sent qualified referrals which you can contact and build a strong relationship with. The people who come to our advertising properties are people seeking long term care right away, and are generally looking for to you to help guide them through this long term care maze.


How Can The CareCrunch Network Help Your Homecare Service

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“In home care” is also referred to as supportive care or formal care. The term home care is often used to distinguish non-medical care or custodial care, from home healthcare which refers to medical care provided by nurses doctors and other licensed professionals.

The services provided by homecare services include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errands
  • Transferring
  • Dressing
  • Walking
  • Other activities of daily living

Home care providers render services in the client’s home allowing seniors to remain in their household. These services are usually used in conjunction with professional health care and life assistance services.

How Can We Help Home Care Companies With Marketing Their Services?

By joining the CareCrunch Network, you expose your company message to our provider network. Your marketing message is broadcast through our online directories and partner websites so that you can gain maximum exposure to your brand. The advantage of our program over many other referral agencies is that our solution is very cost effective. For companies with a staff who can handle inbound calls, this is especially advantageous because our unique cost per call program allows companies to maximize return on investment. The average cost of acquiring a customer with most our long term care providers is $250. Compare this to the average lifetime value of a customer and you can easily see the small cost it takes to acquire a resident.

To apply to become a member of our program, click on the link at the bottom of our page marked “Partners” and apply to the program. Once we have reviewed your application, we can move forward with the process and get you qualified phone calls straight to your service right away.


Finding In Home Nursing With Our Service, How HomeCare Companies Can Benefit From CareStack

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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the CareCrunch Provider network, including increased advertising exposure and brand awareness around your company. The thing that sets our program apart from other services is that we provide senior care services with quality phone leads, which come from seniors and families looking specifically for your type of care in your case, in home nursing. This means that you can transparently gauge the advertising spend and see how many people who contact your company actually turn into residents of the facility.

Unlike assisted living facilities, homecare nursing is usually advertised through word of mouth or other grass roots forms of marketing however, they stand to benefit the most from a program like the CareCrunch Network because it does not require you to have a presence online. By signing up to become apart of the CareCrunch network, home nursing companies can gain exposure for their services, not having to worry about drumming up new marketing for their company. This allows homecare companies to focus on what they do best, which is provide quality care to seniors and families.

Becoming apart of the CareCrunch Network is easy once you have been admitted. The first step is to apply to become apart of the program by submitted an application. Once we’ve done a review of your company, a representative will call you up to confirm details about your account. After you are accepted, our deployment team then goes to work immediately on your account. Accounts usually get up and running within 24-48 hours. Within 24-48 hours of activation of the account, the homecare company will start receiving qualified phone leads.

Serving seniors and families is our first priority. We do our best to help making the long term care planning process easier for individuals by providing up to date and accurate information about the long term care services.


Home Health Aide Help

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What Is A Home Health Aide?

A home health aide is a term used for an individual who provide home care with assistance in activities in daily living. Home health aides provide care such as meal preparation, medication reminders, and assistance with walking.

Home health aides are most suitable for seniors and families who are looking to age gracefully in the home and do not require nursing home assistance. Home health aide care is perfect for someone who wants a more intimate level of one to one care.

If you are a home health agency, how can you benefit from becoming apart of our provider network….

Home health agencies have signed on to the provider network and are now being exposed to hundreds of our long term care provider network outlets. We ensure that you receive exclusive qualified phone calls from families and seniors seeking long term care. This is different from programs, which charge thousands of dollars for a single placement. The CareCrunch provider network fronts the advertising costs and you pay only for qualifed phone leads that come your way. This means that you will only pay for performance. Qualified phone calls include calls that are longer than 30 seconds in duration, not repeat calls, and a variety of other factors.

If all this sounds good to you, and you feel you can benefit from becoming apart of the provider network, then apply to be apart of the program by click on the partners link below.


Assisted Living? What is It

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Assisted living communities are a type of senior housing which provides custodial care to seniors seeking assisted with activities of daily living. This can include a wide variety of services as listed below. People who enroll in assisted living are typically older than 65 and sometimes have mentally impairing conditions. Certain Assisted Living Facilities are prepared to deal with these conditions or have a specific wing in their complex to deal with Alzheimer’s patients.

Assisted Living Communities are typically 2-3 story apartment complexes that provide 24 hour care with activity of daily living such as grooming, eating, and using the restroom. They do not typically offer 24 hour medical services.

Other Services Offered by Assisted Living Communities:

  • Laundry and Line Services
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Social Activities
  • Meals
  • Bathing/Grooming
  • Medication Reminders
  • Toileting

The cost of assisted living varies from $1,800 to $4,000 per month. Assisted Living Facilities are subject to State Regulations.

There are financial incentives available for people seeking long term care. These include social security, VA pensions, and other sources of local benefits.


Finding In Home Nursing With Our Service, How HomeCare Companies Can Benefit

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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the CareCrunch Provider network, including increased advertising exposure and brand awareness around your company. The thing that sets our program apart from other services is that we provide senior care services with quality phone leads, which come from seniors and families looking specifically for your type of care in your case, in home nursing. This means that you can transparently gauge the advertising spend and see how many people who contact your company actually turn into residents of the facility.

Homecare companies can capitalize on the benefits of becoming a member of the provider network by first applying. We carefully screen the members of our provider network to ensure that the people using Carestack receive the very best service when they search for care. Once the service is apart of our network, our deployment team creates a listing for your company. That listing is broadcast across our many senior living partner website properties and in print/news publications that we partner with. This ensures that you receive the maximum exposure for your services. People who come across your listing see all the information they need to go ahead and give you a call.

The beauty of the program is that provider are only charged when they receive a call. There is no upfront setup fee and no listing fee. We take on the initial cost of setting up your account and marketing. For a special number of providers, we offer a 14 day risk free trial of our program. This allows you to test out our program without having to commit to a long term contract. Providers in our network are free to discontinue the service anytime they would like.


Marketing Assisted Living Facilities Locally Online

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Assisted living facilities who want to market themselves more efficiently online must realize that seniors and families, will probably not have a clear understanding of what assisted living is comprised of. Many people mistakenly search for assisted living when in actuality they are looking for long term homecare. With terms such as convalescent homes, nursing homes, board & care, and the like being thrown around, it is easy to see why seniors and families are confused when it comes to finding the right care for them. Adult children of seniors seeking long term care are often the people tasked with researching the different forms of elderly care.

We make the process easier providing a geriatric care management application which helps you figure out what type of care you need, make suggestions on facilities to visit, and financial assistance available in your area. We help you become aware of what financial options are available to you. Our aim is to make it completely transparent for seniors and families seeking elderly care.

For assisted living facilities, you can gain a ton of exposure by becoming a partner in our referral network. Members of the referral network enjoy increased exposure and become a part of our pay-per-call program. As opposed to other advertising mediums, you only pay on performance. This means that you will not have to worry about whether your marketing dollars are going to waste. There is a clear return on investment of your assisted living marketing dollars. Cost per call is especially advantageous for companies who have a dedicated marketing and sales staff can handle a large volume of calls into their facility. The assisted living facility does not pay anything for an activation fee and is charged no listing fee. We prescreen all of the assisted living facilities and nursing homes that come into our program by matching them to a database which looks at abuse reports and medicare ratings.

We work with Caregiver foundations and Associations such as ALFA to ensure that our program brings the most value to family caregivers.


Finding An At Home Nurse With CareStack

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The first step in finding long term care is to decide on what type of provider you will require. Assisted living, skilled nursing and at home nursing are all very different services and provide a very different long term care experience. Carestack is dedicated to helping family caregivers find long term care and the funding to alleviate some of the financial pain involved with it.

By signing up as a senior care provider on the CareCrunch network, you enjoy the benefits of being on all our online web properties and your listing will be broadcast across our many offline advertising outlets. We work with news publications local to you to make sure that your establishment is receiving the best exposure for people looking for your service specifically. We are an internet-based referral agency which helps individuals find long term care. Joining the provider network starts with submitting an application to join our provider network. After we have done research on your service or facility, making sure that you are a quality provider with long standing history of inadequate service, your information is then passed on to our deployment team. The deployment team is responsible for creating your listing and placing your listing in local directories as well as offline newspapers and other sources.

The benefits of joining the Care Network are increased exposure and simply more movein as a result of the leads we send your way. The unique thing about the program is that you are only charged for the phone leads we send your way. You are only billed when you receive a qualified call, which means that you are only charged for calls over 30 seconds in duration, no repeat calls within a 72 hour period, and are only given phone leads from people who look at your listing and know clearly what type of service they are getting into. This is built into the cost of the call.

As opposed to other advertising mediums, CareCrunch allows you to see transparently your cost per call and then quickly calculate your average cost per acquiring a resident. We have seen in the past that the average cost per acquiring a resident with our program has been averaged to $250 to $500 per resident acquisitions in assisted living facilities. Compare that to assisted living referral agencies which can charge you 50-75% of the first month’s rent and you are pay around $1,500 to $2,500 to acquire a resident with these companies. You can see the value in quality internet based referral like ours, especially if you belong to a facility who employs a staff who can handle sales calls.


Benefits of Using CareStack To Find An In home Caregiver

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Our web application was designed to help seniors and family caregivers to find long term care. As the population grows older, there is a growing need for finding resources online especially when the adult child of the person needing care is out of the state and caregiving from a distance.

A major advantage of hiring geriatric care managers is that they can find services locally for you and benefits which may not be obvious when you go on your search. They can find in home caregivers which are experienced in dealing with specific conditions such as Alzheimers. Geriatric care managers are often former nurses or social workers who have first hand experience with dealing with seniors looking for long term care.

Carestack is a free eldercare resource locator which helps seniors and families find long term care solutions such as nursing homes, assisted living, and homecare. We are the seniors and families with knowledge about senior care issues and point them in the right direction when it comes to financial benefits that are available to them. Carestack is developing a geriatric care management tool which helps you find quality care and save money on that care so that you do not deplete your savings. With deep knowledge about social security, VA pensions, and Medicaid programs, we can point you in the right direction when you are looking to alleviate the costs of expensive long term care.

Often, the first step in your long term care search is finding out what type of care is adequate for your situation. Do you seek the independence of a senior apartment complex or independent living facility? Do you need more assistance with activities of daily living? Then assisted living will be more suitable for you. What if you are in need of rehabilitation services? In that case, skilled nursing would be most appropriate. Filling out our short assessment takes less than 3 minutes, but will allow you to find services and the type of care most suitable for you.