how to boost patient retention

5 strategies for increasing patient retention

One of the most desirable qualities a dental practice requires is the retention of their patients. It is a task that entails trust and ensures that the services offered by the practice are up to the mark. Here are five different ways you can boost customer retention and at the same time ensure improving quality of standards with each patient visit.

1. Ensure patient satisfaction via a smooth workflow

If the workflow at your dental practice is smooth and transparent, more customers tend to stay and revisit. Imagine a super busy entrepreneur making time for a speedy dental check-up and is left to wait at the receptionist, then at the doctor’s chair and unfortunately end up with an error in his treatment plan. It is unlikely that this person would return. Each minute saved at the practice will be a huge relief and an appealing factor for the incoming patient. A proper scheduler can ensure minimal waiting time for a patient and increased staff productivity. The visit to the dentists should be short, sweet and hassle-free.

2. Improve customized patient engagement by providing undivided attention

Patients much appreciate it when they are treated like humans rather than a number in a queue to see the dentist. When the patient reaches the doctor’s chair side, he/she must be given undivided attention and must be followed up from their last visit. An efficient patient history tracking tool and scheduler will ensure that the doctor is up-to-date with the patient’s history and make sure that double bookings don’t occur. A few extra minutes with the patient will really make a difference.

3. Going 100% paperless

In this ultra-digital age, carrying around books and papers is a hassle on its own. Making the appointment letters, claim forms and other billings digital, ensure a green and hassle-free method which is helpful to the environment, the patient and the practice. A centrally accessible patient data repository ensures ease of accessibility for practices with multiple locations. Patient records can be accessed from any location and eliminates the possibility of redundancies.

4. Ensure data safety

With the recent privacy issues related to social media, patient data needs more protection than ever. Patients who know that their data is safe, tend to have more faith in the practice. Ensure that the patient data you have access to is safe, using HIPAA compliant tools and services.

5. Proper and long-term communication

Communication is the essence of doctor/practice-patient relationship. The best ways to promote proper communication between the practice and patients is by using adequate patient engagement tools, periodic reminders and greetings like birthdays and public holidays. Maintaining a good rapport with the patient will go a long way in boosting patient retention.