Enterprise-grade reporting and analytics

With CareStack, there is no more guesswork and speculation as you get to know your business more. With transparency and efficiency at the forefront, make the most of your practice with enterprise-grade analytics.

Business insights

Track trends, identify hidden opportunities and notify staff members to take timely action to address inefficiencies.

Real-time data access

Access your data with near-zero latency to derive real-time insights around staff performance and patient care.

Performance monitoring

Continuously monitor practice performance and alert the users when something is worth the attention.

manage key performance indicators for dental practices and make smart business decisions

Monitor KPIs and gain
real-time insights

Finding relevant key performance indicators and tracking them requires manual labor and excessive time. Small things become big misses over time, and these impact growth and success.

Choose from a library of more than 100 KPIs and measure them continuously to monitor the health of your practice. Analyze the performance of your operations by slicing and grouping data across weeks, months, quarters, or even years.

multi-location reporting and performance assessment with analytics dashboards

Benchmark performance across locations

Without accurate analytics, providers and staff feel they don’t have a stake in achieving goals or ownership of wins and losses. With multiple locations, specialties, and providers, tracking metrics becomes difficult.

Benchmark the performance of your providers and staff by comparing them against data from other locations. Set goals and give clear, actionable feedback to your staff members, thereby enabling them to measure and improve continuously.

dental patient list creation using 100s of criteria and make actionable plans

Generate actionable patient lists

Tracking down patients and re-engaging them to come back to your practice can be difficult.

CareStack’s one-click Patient Lists feature enables you to generate patient call-lists based on more than 100 configurable criteria. Make use of this to identify and re-engage patients based on planned treatments, outstanding collections, unused benefits, and so on.

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Improving productivity with analytics

The path to efficiency is rigorous and requires continuous improvement of each and every element of the production, as well as operations. In this paper, we will discuss how to achieve this through analytics and understand why implementing analytics in your practice is becoming increasingly important.

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Additional features

Customizable reports

CareStack maintains a list of key reports for immediate use and can be customized to include additional fields.

Data dictionary

All of the KPI’s used in reporting are built into a data dictionary so that users don't have to worry about what field to select.

Huddle reports

Daily snapshot of yesterday, today and tomorrow for production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling.

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