Case Study: Celebration Dental

Celebration dental is on a mission to provide high-quality dentistry to patients in and around Central Florida. Their motto is to have clear communication with patients regarding treatment, finances, and education. The whole practice and its team were set up in a way so that they can fulfill their patients’ needs while maintaining the best standard of care.

Struggling with an outdated practice management system

The existing practice management system used in Celebration could no longer keep up with the needs of the growing dental enterprise. The lack of control, visibility and integration was clearly impacting the financial success of the practice and motivated the team to look for a change.

  • Inefficient patient engagement
  • The old system did not integrate well with patient engagement solutions and this resulted in the loss of production from mismanaged scheduling and lost opportunities in the recall.

  • Lack of financial control
  • Bottom-line was less predictable and managing cash flow was nearly impossible. System errors often resulted in late disbursements, making it difficult to keep up with payroll.

  • Low staff productivity
  • Employees, mostly working in the areas that receive or process patients were feeling exhausted and over-worked. This was affecting their attention to patients too. Employees also reported disappointment with the existing systems that were significantly less functional than their handheld mobile phones.

  • Decline in patient satisfaction
  • Though most of the patients went through the older processes fine, the occurrence of issues with them was high. Errors in eligibility checks, payment processing, and even scheduling led to bad encounters. And the team had to try a lot more to manage their reputation.

Partnering with an innovative customer-focused company

Celebration chose CareStack® both for the system’s modern design and the company’s commitment to solving their challenges. On top of that, the entire team at Celebration was excited to partner with a young, innovative company.

“They were a newer company and to see how far they’ve come already, that was really intriguing. I found a sense of passion and a commitment to resolving even the slightest of issues we faced. That was an experience in itself,”

– Beatrice, Billing Manager

  • Faster payments and better collections
  • By partnering with CareStack®, Celebration was able to collect more revenue at a faster rate. Cash flow has improved not only due to faster insurance payments, but also due to a more efficient process for collecting patient payments.

    “We are able to avoid confusion and provide a simple billing to our patient with various payment modes”

    – Gloria, Billing specialist

  • High practice efficiency
  • Since switching to CareStack®, Celebration has been able to significantly improve staff productivity. With online check-ins, manual data entry has been totally eliminated and the front office staff can now devote more time towards practice marketing and patient engagement.

    With powerful scheduling and clinical tools, production has gone up and profit per patient has increased.

    “We have an opening tomorrow and I am pretty sure that when I come in tomorrow, it will be filled. This way, the providers aren’t sitting around during the day. They are going from patient to patient”

    – Treesa, Receptionist

  • More visibility and insight
  • Using the analytics and reporting module, Celebration has been able to drill down into their key metrics to get actionable insights, facilitating more-informed business decisions.

    “Every day I log in, I see business performance right away. This way, I am able to better prioritize my tasks and drive the practice towards regular progressive change.”

    – Linda, Office manager

  • Building a strong partnership
  • Celebration and CareStack® continue to work together to raise the bar higher and improve the practice performance further.

“It is quite exciting to work with CareStack®. Everyone in our practice has also started looking forward to positive change. Without such an active relationship, we may not have been able to leverage all these functions so well. The team you are working with really matters,”

– Linda, Office manager