Case Study : D.Brian Williams, D.D.S

“Take pride in your smile” is the motto over at D.Brian Williams, DDS., in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Brian D. Williams and his team have been serving kids and adults alike at the practice for over 15 years and are in the process of expanding their practice.

Challenge: Selecting a solution that scales with practice growth

Dr. Williams and the staff are a small, tight-knit group working hard to expand their services and make their dental practice more efficient. They are currently in the process of moving to a new space, upgrading from three operatories to six. Managing all of these operatories and providers without hiccups came as a difficulty and thus they started looking for a practice management solution.

“We have been working hard to expand our services, and we needed a solution that scales as our practice grows. We started our research to find a simple and efficient software for improving patient satisfaction.”

— Tyler Phillips, Practice Manager, D. Brian Williams DDS

Solution: Intuitive cloud-based software that scales with your practice

The team at D. Brian Williams DDS has used multiple systems for different aspects of their dental practice in the past, but with the expansion of services, managing and integrating all of these have proven to be a challenge of its own. CareStack’s multi-site calendar lets you schedule appointments for all locations, providers, and specialties from a single window.

“What appealed to us first about CareStack was the ease of use and streamlined workflow housed under one single database. The scheduler feature in CareStack allows us to work appointments and providers in between operatories with ease, making our lives so much easier.”

Solution: Paperless online patient boarding with Patient portal

CareStack’s practice management solution is 100% paperless, eliminating clutter and unwanted redundancies. The online patient portal allows new and old patients to create an account online, fill in their details, request appointments and more.

“Another one of CareStack’s awesome features is the online Patient portal. Our patients can log in and fill in their details even before coming in. We can communicate with them via text and email straight from the system. If the patient has an outstanding balance, they can go into their portal and pay. This makes financing so much more manageable.”

Results: Minimal errors and delays in management with an increase in patient satisfaction

CareStack’s paperless all-in-one solution has resulted in a sharp fall in errors and delays thereby resulting in an increase in patient satisfaction and team happiness.

“CareStack’s patient portal, along with the PMS, has minimized errors in patient details and made the whole workflow a breeze. The product support team is so helpful and responds instantly with the chat feature.”


CareStack’s patient communication features like Patient portal and Kiosk designed with patient satisfaction and accessibility in mind, assure unhindered practice efficiency at all aspects of your dental practice. Your patients can set an appointment, pay outstanding balances, fill up forms, and electronically sign treatment plans and letters.

“CareStack’s ever-growing list of features engineered to make every aspect of your dental practice streamlined never ceases to amaze me. CareStack is getting better every day, and we are thrilled to work with them.”