Case Study: Daytona Pediatric Dentistry

Daytona Pediatric Dentistry is a Florida-based pediatric practice offering comprehensive dentistry for infants (age one and above), children, teens, and special needs.
Need to have best-in-class clinical experience

Dr. Mubashir Chaudhry, the practice owner understands that clinical experience is what matters the most when dealing with patients, especially in the pediatric age group. His practice has the goal of delivering the best possible dental care while showing that there is nothing to be afraid of when coming to the dentist.

Most of Dr. Chaudhry’s patients are already overwhelmed with handling their kids that it becomes a constant source of frustration to have to handle paperwork and records along with this. He believes building a 100% paperless practice can solve many problems of his patients as well as helps reduce errors that lead to another set of challenges.

Throughout his career, he has worked with several existing systems and found the following major limitations in achieving the same.

  • No clinical decision support

Most of the systems he has tried in his career do not come with integrated clinical decision support. This leads to various errors, especially with a new team. There is increased confusion that the patient witnesses, especially when something goes wrong in billing. He had to revert to old paper-based systems.

  • No custom forms for data capture

The lack of ability to customize data entry forms have made many such offerings useless. Daytona faces a unique patient group where different data is needed than available in templated forms that come with most systems. This led them to revert to paper-based intake forms, much to the inconvenience of his patients.

  • No fully integrated clinical experience at the chair side

Though a variety of tools are available for charting and treatment planning, none offer a consistently good experience across all chairside functions. Given the speed needed, only a system that has well-built features for consent, charting, treatment planning, clinical notes, and case presentation integrated in an easy to use manner can make the chair-side experience completely paperless.

Partnering with Carestack®

Dr. Chaudhry was excited to learn about CareStack® and the extensive suite of features it offered. He tried the system personally and was able to transform his operatories into paperless units easily. This gave him the confidence to implement the solution across all providers and functions. CareStack® transformed the way dentists work and deliver the clinical experience to their patients.

“We were having many discussions about finding a solution. But, nothing we came across was satisfying. The clinical module is essential to us. Though most solutions offer good financial and scheduling capabilities, they did not have good clinical modules. This was when I was introduced to CareStack®. We reached out to them immediately, and we knew that this would solve all our issues”

– Dr. Mubashir A. Chaudhry

  • Fully integrated chair-side experience

The process the patient has to go through became simple and well organized leading to faster production time and more satisfied patients. Providers were able to focus more on delivering better care and attention to the patients and their parents. The intuitive interface is able to align patient consent, charting, treatment planning, clinical notes, record keeping, imaging and labs, and even case presentation very smoothly from a single terminal on the chair-side, without the need for any paperwork.

  • Prevention of coding errors while charting

With intuitive clinical notes that have integrated decision support, the number of coding errors has reduced considerably. This has made the experience for patients much smoother. Claim rejections have also dropped, and the need for paper-based systems was eliminated. Claim submissions became faster and easier.

  • Capturing data through custom forms
  • Dr. Chaudhry was able to customize multiple forms for various purposes that patients could now fill on their mobile devices. Patients enjoy the experience of filling in their intake forms before coming to the practice using the mobile portal. This reduced check-in to check-out time considerably and aligned production schedules much better.

Implementing custom forms for various points of data entry within the practice enabled easier and more accurate data entry at all points, from accounting to reporting.

  • Driving innovation in clinical settings
  • Daytona pediatric dental is currently working with CareStack® to innovate clinical settings further. The practice found CareStack® ready to listen to their special requirements and tailor and organize solutions accordingly. This was very useful for a pediatric center, as most services are designed without the pediatric patient in mind.

Daytona pediatric dental has developed a true partnership with CareStack®, and the team is excited to explore newer opportunities where the entire experience can be made better.

“We are very excited to work with Carestack® to improve our clinical efficiency. The system comes packed with features. We appreciate that our feedback is taken seriously, and the system is constantly evolving with more cutting edge features.”

– Mandi, Practice Administrator