Case Study : Dental Depot DFW

Dental Depot DFW, since its founding in 1978, has been on a mission to provide every patient with high-quality, affordable dental care. Dental Depot is a multi-specialty dental practice chain with clinics in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona, serving both children and grown-ups.

Challenge: Managing multiple outdated software for a multi-location practice

One of the main difficulties they had to face was managing the data between multiple locations using different software for each aspect of the dental practice. Their legacy software struggled in managing administrative and clinical workflows resulting in a drop in performance metrics.

“One of the problems we faced with our legacy system was the inability to pull reports from all our locations. We also had to depend on third-party apps to get the KPIs and other dashboards and found it difficult to manage multiple pieces of software.”

— Dr. Himesh Kana, DDS, Managing Partner, Dental Depot DFW

Solution: All-in-one cloud-based solution

An effective practice management system must scale as the practice grows and enable them to further expand their services. At Dental Depot, this was limited by the disjoint nature of their legacy software. CareStack helped improve this by offering its all-in-one, cloud-based solution, significantly boosting their overall team performance.

“CareStack’s all-in-one, cloud-based solution made it possible for our teams from all of our practices to communicate effortlessly without compromising time. We’ve also observed an increase in patient satisfaction, thanks to the ease in practice-patient communication.”

Solution: Powerful revenue cycle management solution

Revenue Cycle Management is crucial to the overall health of a dental practice. CareStack’s centralized RCM module ensures that you gain the most out of your entire billing process. For Dental Depot, this provided the boost they needed to get their metrics off the charts.

“Some of the legacy software are pretty antiquated when it comes to centralized RCM. So we made use of CareStack’s RCM service. We were able to generate and view reports for all of our practices, including KPIs and crucial insights, on a single dashboard.”

Result: Reduced days in A/R, reduced denials and a streamlined practice

CareStack’s enterprise-level practice management and RCM solution allowed Dental Depot to concentrate more on patients and less about collections. CareStack’s real-time analytics module gave them insight into their dental practice metrics and aided in making smarter business decisions.

“We started seeing a lot of improvements right after we shifted to CareStack. We had access to all of our data and KPIs monitored real-time. Our days in A/R dropped by more than 30%, and our net collections increased just after the first three months of using CareStack.”


CareStack’s all-in-one, cloud-based solution provides your practice with the tools needed to make communication effortless while seamlessly integrate all of your practice workflows, and being accessible from anywhere and on any device. CareStack’s RCM service takes the burden out of your billing team, giving them the ability to devote themselves to more important duties like patient management.

“CareStack for us checked all of our boxes, be it being a cloud-based solution, the ability to house everything under a single database or help make advances in RCM. CareStack continues to provide us the tools needed to better our practice management and is a valuable asset to our dental practice.”