Case Study: Metrowest Family Dental

Dr. Alan Heap heads Metrowest family dental with a mission to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction. Metrowest is located in southwest Orlando and provide general dentistry services to patients with a variety of needs. Metrowest is currently opening new locations and adding new services.

Client-server systems impeding practice growth

Metrowest was running on a client-server based practice management system. In between frequent software upgrades and issues with the hardware, it was becoming difficult to manage the practice efficiently. Moreover adding and managing new locations involved high capital investments on hardware and software.

  • Lack of accessibility
  • As Metrowest expanded its locations, it became increasingly difficult to manage all locations together. Dr. Heap now had to coordinate tasks between locations. He found it difficult to ask for information to his already busy practice administrators every time he wanted something. It was impossible to access practice data, check or edit provider schedules or co-ordinate or interact with various team members.

  • Lack of features
  • The system the practice was using was barely functional. It served basic tasks, but it could not match the increasing needs to improve practice efficiency and employee productivity, which became more important in the transition to a larger group. Scheduling was fragmented and inefficient, patient engagement was practically missing unless the team decides to do something about it and billing was always complicated. It was even more complicated to align all locations.

  • Poor reporting capability

Reporting was a time consuming task for each employee and many did not even consider it a productive activity in between all their other responsibilities. Without proper reporting, it was becoming difficult to align the business towards growth. This led to expensive third party consultants having to step in to extract data and run reports every month.

Partnering with Carestack®

Metrowest was interested in CareStack® as it presented a single solution that could combine all functions across all locations in a single system that can be accessed from any internet capable device. Metrowest was confident to go ahead with CareStack® seeing the implementation support offered. CareStack helped the practice migrate all their data, integrate with other critical systems, set up the practice, test the system and then trained Metrowest team.

This immediately gave much more control to Dr. Heap and allowed him to design his strategy better. He was able to ensure better compliance by all his functions to centralized decision making protocols now and was able to track his operations across all locations in real time.

“CareStack® completely changed my opinion on dedicated solutions for each function. This was really difficult. A single solution like CareStack® which offers advanced solutions for every function is much more effective in running a practice. ”

– Alan Heap, Practice owner

  • Access data from anywhere
  • With a cloud based platform, CareStack® was able to make all data of the practice accessible to the management at any time from any location. It also had strict user access controls for role and work-hours, allowing only the relevant information to be available to the relevant team members when they need it.

    “I am able to take decisions faster and more accurately having complete visibility when needed. The interface is intuitively designed to present relevant information at all times.”

  • Single comprehensive solution increase staff efficiency
  • With CareStack®, a lot of time and effort was saved for the entire team as the need for active coordination, messages, emails and calls between the team members reduced considerably. The system made the team capable of making better decisions faster, improving the efficiency of the team. The team was less stressed and happier and this resulted in them dedicating more time to the patients leading to much higher patient satisfaction.

    “ A single solution helps us attract more patients and engage with them effectively. We are able to focus on care and the software takes care of lot of things which previously took our time.”

  • Better visibility with real-time reporting & analytics
  • Management became more pro-active and less reactive with increased visibility and predictability into all aspects of the practice. There were visibly lesser number of operational problems that needed the management’s attention. Steps were taken in advance to manage or prevent upcoming problems. This had the highest impact on cash-flows as the free cash held by the practice improved multiple fold.

    “With better coordination between scheduling, eligibility checks, treatment planning, billing, claims submission and collections, the whole revenue cycle became easily manageable. We are able to plan almost a quarter in advance.”

  • Set up for growth

Setting up a new location had the highest impact. The opportunity cost associated with the time usually taken to setup the IT systems in a new location and migrate all data, and the direct costs involved in hardware purchase and implementation was saved. There was no need for third party consultants to coordinate the systems and reporting between locations anymore.

Being more of a partner than a vendor, implementation, training and support capabilities in CareStack® have ensured easy on-boarding of new team members. Overall cost, time and effort of setting up a new location have come down considerably.

“Once we decided to move with CareStack®, the difference was apparent in every function. The journey of working with an enthusiastic team has made all the difference. They were always ready to listen and find solutions. We know that we have a reliable partner in CareStack® who thinks about our success and cares for the staff.”