Case Study : Now Care Dental

Now Care Dental’s core commitment is to ensure the health of all of its patients and the community. They are a group dental practice in Eagen, Minnesota, providing dental services and education for the past eight years.

Challenge: Software without scaling capabilities or front desk management

Now Care Dental primarily an emergency practice, has to deal with an increased influx of new patients. Their legacy practice management software has resulted in a multitude of problems such as data duplication and workflow delays at times of high engagement.

“We always have lots of patients rushing in for treatment and delays at the front desk meant bad patient experience. Our legacy system had severe issues with data management, which deeply disrupted insurance processing. Thus, we found the need to change to a new system.”

— Dr. Nicholas Geller, Owner, Now Care Dental

Solution: Streamlined front desk experience with Kiosks and Patient portals

Every dental patient’s experience starts with the front desk. The entirety of a patient’s dental care workflow is determined by the accuracy with which their data is captured. CareStack’s interactive Kiosk feature was the solution to streamlining the front desk experience. Patients can create a new account and enter their details, while they wait for consultation.

“The ability of a patient to check-in at the front desk with minimal assistance is truly a time saver. CareStack’s Kiosk feature lets patients create a new account and enter their details, while they waited. The refined user experience and error checking systems pick up inconsistencies and omissions, meaning less worry down the line.”

Solution: Intuitive and clutter-free data access through the cloud

Unobstructed access to your practice and patient details on-the-go is another one of CareStack’s features that helped boost Now Care’s ability to provide seamless patient care. CareStack’s centralized cloud-based system enables you and your staff to access your data from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

“I could be on a beach in Tahiti and be able to access the dental chart, notes, prescriptions or insurance details of a patient if required. We could never have done this in the past.“

Result: Smooth practice management with a powerful front desk experience

With CareStack’s powerful front desk and billing system, Now Care Dental was able to push the boundaries of patient care and practice management.

“Our front desk experience with the kiosk and patient communication features have eliminated delays beyond our comprehension, and they keep getting better each time.”


CareStack’s cloud-based practice management solution gives you unparalleled ease of access to all your dental data, protected by data security laws and cutting edge technology. CareStack’s solution automates the most tedious parts of your dental workflow to ensure that you get to spend more time with the patient.

“You can’t go wrong with CareStack. The amount of updates and feature releases from CareStack is amazing, and I am sure that it will be the best thing you can do for your practice.”