Provide a modern front desk experience

Deliver the best possible patient experience at the front office

Online patient check-ins

Save time and improve information accuracy with online check-in.

Custom patient forms

Create 100% customizable intake forms and eliminate manual data entry.

Automated reminders

Automatically notify patients prior to the appointment to eliminate no-shows.

Insurance verification

Verify insurance eligibility and record the patient co-pay and deductibles.

Patient tracking

Reduce patient wait time by providing real time update of the patient status.

Alerts and Notifications

Automatically alert the staff when patients reach benchmark waiting times.

Streamline appointment management

Streamline scheduling and maximize practice production

Flexible calendar

Quickly create appointments with a simple click and drag over the slots.

Multiple locations

Schedule for all locations, providers and specialties from a single calendar.

Powerful slot finder

Search and find appointments at a glance and book appointments immediately.

Reschedule list

Reschedule appointments from a list of appointments requested for reschedule.

Patient waitlists

Add patients to a waitlist and automatically book the first available timeslot.

Appointment snapshots

Hover the mouse over appointments and see important information at a glance.

Checkout patients seamlessly

Perform post treatment activities and checkout patients

Recall management

Easily book recalls during checkout and ensure better treatment compliance.

Patient payments

Process payments with integrated electronic payments and patient financing.

Walk-out reports

Print a walk out statement with the next appointment dates for the entire family.

Document management

Store, access and manage all necessary documents from a central repository.