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Centralized insurance processing

Centralized billing & accounting

Account every penny

Easily add or reverse payments and adjustments to accurately keep track of revenue and receivables.

ERA and Auto posting

Set up remittance posting rules and auto-post ERA’s. Manual intervention is only required to handle exceptions.

Integrated collections management

Integrate with participating collection agencies for seamless collections management.

Closely monitor receivables

Monitor your receivables and aging status visually and easily track every step in detail of the production-collection-revenue cycle.

Patient payments

Integrated electronic payments

Securely process debit and credit card transactions using our integrated electronic payment solutions.

Patient credits

Apply payments from patient or family credit during checkout.

Payment plans

Create payment plans and track them easily.

Patient statements

Quickly list and filter patients with outstanding dues and send them statements by email or mail and allow patients to pay online.

Central financial monitoring

Track practice profitability

Keep track of practice profitability by measuring key performance indicators using intuitive and customizable dashboards.

Customizable reports

Customize reports from hundreds of fields and drill down into finer details and access them via cloud or export them into PDF, word or excel.

Multi location reporting

Financial data can also be aggregated from multiple locations into a single report or accessed separately.