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Analytics driven revenue cycle management

Get paid faster with our analytics driven revenue cycle management

Patient payments

Integrated electronic payments

Securely process debit and credit card transactions using our integrated electronic payment solutions.

Patient credits

Easily add payments and adjustments to all patients in a family during checkout.

Payment plans

Set up financial agreements for services done over a period of time and use them to create payment plans.

Finance charges

Apply finance charges to accounts which have overdue payments.

Insurance processing

Fee schedule management

Maintain multiple provider fee schedules across multiple insurance plans.

E-claims and paper claims

Create and send batch insurance claims for all locations and providers from a central site.

Carriers and plans

Set up common carrier, plan and code lists to be used across a single or multiple locations.

Claim tracking and denial management

Monitor responses from the carrier / clearing house and notify the users with action items.

Billing and accounting

Manual payment posting

Post payments for services done for a patient at a claim level as well as at a code level.


Integrate with participating collection agencies for seamless collections management.

Electronic payment posting

Set up remittance posting rules and auto-post ERA’s. Manual intervention is only required to handle exceptions.


Quickly list patients with outstanding dues and send them statements by email or mail and allow patients to pay online.


Track the fiscal health of your practice with financial reports and dashboards

Financial reporting

Understand the fiscal health of the practice by aggregating financial data from multiple locations into a single report.

Profitability analysis

Keep track of practice profitability by measuring key performance indicators across various departments.