Maximize insurance reimbursement

With CareStack, capture and leverage data in your claims management workflows, reducing claim denials and rejections, maximizing insurance reimbursements, and patient collections.

Centralize account, billing and claim management easily

Centralize billing, accounting, and reporting

Managing accounts and receivables for multiple locations can be time-consuming and prone to errors due to the manual effort in reconciling data from different systems.

With CareStack, you can generate claims, manage rejections and denials, and post insurance payments and ERAs from a central billing office. This results in improving practice efficiency and streamlining A/R management.

advanced dental billing rules to eliminate claim denials and rejections

Minimize errors with insurance billing rules

Lapses in billing and errors in insurance forms can lead to claim rejections and denials. This affects the performance and the revenue of your practice.

Billing rules available in CareStack ensures that all necessary claim information is accurately completed with necessary attachments before the claim is submitted to the clearinghouse.

Increase patient collections with credit card on file and dental financing options

Increase patient collections with credit card on file

Practices find it difficult to check up on patients and recover payments after check-out. This leads to low patient collections, affecting practice efficiency.

With recurring payments plans using a credit card on file and online payments, CareStack lifts the revenue of your practice by improving patient collections through automated and timely payments.

Revenue cycle playbook for dental professionals

Proper revenue cycle management is the core value that decides your dental practice’s financial success. This whitepaper aims to provide you with the best practices and guidelines that could help you find, fix, and prevent losses in your RCM.

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Increase case acceptance and production with flexible dental treatment planner

Increase case acceptance with integrated patient financing

Higher costs of treatment are increasingly leading to lower treatment acceptance by patients, leading to a loss of potential monetization for most dental practices

With CareStack’s integrated patient financing options, increase case acceptance and treatment revenue by offering payment plan options from multiple partners to all your patients, regardless of their credit scores.

ERAs to automate billing and auto-posting to add payments automatically

Increase productivity by automating billing tasks

Repetitive billing tasks such as claim submission and insurance payment posting is prone to errors and incurs high overhead costs.

CareStack offers automated claim scrubbing, where errors are highlighted against each claim before submission. Our intelligent ERA processing module reads the incoming ERA, creates insurance check entries, and automatically posts the money against the corresponding claims and procedures, freeing up your billing team’s valuable time.

Additional features

Denial management

Immediately know if any of your submitted claims have been denied, correct them and resubmit instantly.


Easily personalize statements with customized messages and transmit them electronically or by mail to patients.

Billing analytics

Understand your billing performance and avoid surprises using our reporting and analytics.

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