Streamline the front desk experience

Eliminate paperwork and HIPAA breaches with CareStack. With innovative technology and automation tools, transform the front desk experience at your practice.

self check in patient kiosk for dental patients

Allow patients to quickly

Patients get frustrated when there is a longer waiting time at the reception. Additionally, this results in lost chair time and takes over administrative staff time.

With CareStack, you can hand patients an iPad, or mount a kiosk stand at the reception area and allow them to self-check-in. Patients can sign forms, complete their medical history information, and update demographic information without consuming staff time.

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dental appointment schedular

Optimize scheduling with a powerful calendar

Managing appointments for different operatories and providers can be hard, especially for multi-location practices. Incorrect scheduling leads to unhappy patients and lost revenue.

With CareStack’s multi-site calendar, your staff can view and manage every appointment over all your operatories and locations. Using the slot finder, you can instantly find open slots, book appointments, and assign treatment codes.

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dental insurance eligibility forms

Maintain accurate eligibility documentation

Errors in eligibility documentation may result in higher claim rejections, thereby increasing the operational cost of claim management and resulting in longer reimbursement cycles.

Improve your claim acceptance rate and avoid denials by using our smart eligibility forms, which capture and structure the eligibility data, which is then used to analyze and warn about potential inaccuracies in claim information before the claim is submitted.

“With fast and easy scheduling, it increases staff productivity and helps me engage with patients better.”
- Melissa, Practice administrator
easy patient recalls

Easily book recalls

Practices lose recall revenue due to mismanagement of recall schedules. Managing regular recall campaigns with each patient in mind is a daunting task.

With CareStack’s proactive recall approach, increase patient retention, cultivate patient relationships, reduce last-minute openings, and eliminate a labor-intensive manual recall process.

easy financing with dental payment plans

Increase treatment acceptance with payment plans

Uninsured patients may find the cost of dentistry to be too high, resulting in low treatment acceptance.

CareStack provides built-in payment plans by leveraging integrated merchant processing, which helps you offer flexible payment plans to your patients from within your chart, thus improving your treatment acceptance rates and boosting revenues.

Additional features

Find slot

Quickly search for matching slots in the next day, next week or even after the next six months.

ASAP lists

Find and reschedule patients who have asked for an earlier slot using our ASAP lists.

Schedule templates

Use our provider schedule templates to set up schedule availability for recurring periodic provider visits.

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