Drive Efficiency, Results & Success

Real-time Reporting

Access, visualize and interpret your data in real-time and gain insights into your organization’s clinical, financial, and administrative performance.

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Drive Efficiency, Results & Success Drive Efficiency, Results & Success

Dr. Haranchal BainsCEO, Element Dental

Drive <span>Efficiency, Results & Success</span> CareStack has become our super RCM specialist. After switching to the cloud based software, we have seen a 30% increase in collections without even having to add a single person to the team. Drive <span>Efficiency, Results & Success</span>

SEE The Real Picture

Aggregating and analyzing data across the enterprise is essential for executive management teams to drive decisions that improve staff performance, patient care, and profitability.

CareStack offers a real-time enterprise-grade analytics solution to find hidden revenue, fill schedules, collect more payments, and improve EBITDA growth.

Smarter Insights & Decisions
Single Source Of Truth

Single Source Of Truth

  • Enterprise Data Aggregation

    CareStack consolidates data from all offices and acts as a single source of truth to create accurate, real-time reports for the entire organization or a group of locations or an individual location.

  • Data Export

    Easily access source data by extracting it via an API request or export it into a file to analyze, investigate or use as a work list.

Improve Performance

Improve Performance

  • Scorecards

    Choose from a library of KPI’s and create scorecards to measure, monitor and optimize the business performance. Scorecards allows you to track vital metrics such as production per visit, collections, treatment acceptance rate, hygiene reappointment and take decisive action.

Improve Patient Care

Improve Patient Care

  • Patient Analytics

    Access your entire patient data across all the offices and analyze the data to get insights related to appointments, treatment, payments, claims and communication. This allows you to identify patients with unscheduled treatment, outstanding balances, hygiene recare and follow up with them promptly to close the loop.

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