Improving revenue cycle management

Improving revenue cycle management

Improving revenue cycle management is crucial to the financial well-being of a dental practice. If it seems like your practice takes longer than the needed time to receive payments, you are betting your profits on future collections. While this looks comfortable over time (as you receive payment every month), you are not in the best spot. If revenue takes a month longer to reach you, fixing that gives you immediate cash equivalent to the entire revenue of a month. Imagine how you can use the extra cash in hand to invest in future profits. Cash collected late or not collected at all has a huge opportunity cost, one that commonly goes unnoticed.

How can practice management systems help you reduce your collection time?

Irrespective of whether a practice is accepting insurance, keeping accounts receivable (A/R) low is fundamental to running any profitable business. The use of modern practice management systems can fix critical gaps in implementing an effective revenue cycle management strategy.

Eligibility checks to reduce late & rejected payments

It is better to stem a problem at the source. If your production time schedules with priority to patients who are more likely to pay on time, you would not be facing a revenue cycle issue, to begin with. The key here is to ensure that you can do this eligibility check fast and before the patient checks-in. A modern dental practice management system manages this process with simple one-click solutions.

Error-free claims submission with just a single click

The collected information can be compiled into an error-free claim, that is ready to be sent for processing. Automated workflows ensure due process and leave little margin for error. This saves valuable time and effort while processing claims, leading to a predictable revenue cycle. When executed well, this can eliminate the need for clearinghouses.

Make informed choices in treatment planning

Being able to choose the right plan for a patient, based on his insurance and payment capability, helps reduce confusion while billing. Furthermore, the choices made available for the patient will improve patient experience and ensure that the patient made the best available choice.

Automated ERA postings for faster and better accounting

ERA postings have always been a source of constant headaches for dental practices. The latest practice management systems enable you to completely automate this, making your accounting and collections more streamlined. Problems and discrepancies are detected early, and corrective measures can be taken pre-emptively.

Payment reminders to ensure faster collection

As a practice owner, you would have seen your collections increase when you actively follow up on receivables. Many times all it takes is a timely reminder to get a payment. These are the low hanging fruits in collection. Such follow-ups should be consistent and timely to be able to work. Automation features in modern practice management solutions ensure your collection effort is running consistently and efficiently.

Automation and process streamlining

Most of the financial processes currently utilized have a lot of redundancies that do not need active human participation. These systems once converted into automated workflows makes processing not just faster but also cheaper and more accurate. Therefore choose a practice management system that is serious about automation and continuously improves its capability in this space.


Billing, coding, and collections are sophisticated, yet crucial pieces for maximizing cash-flow and profitability. Therefore choose a system that ensures the optimal functioning of your revenue cycle with the least possible effort. Hence look for eligibility checks, treatment planner, billing, claims processing, ERA postings as necessary features when choosing your practice management system. Choose a system that allows and is keen to expand on its automation abilities and is built for improving revenue cycle management. Automation of such tasks is the future.