Interview with Dr. Dana Swayze – Arbor Hills Dentistry

1. How was CareStack prior to online booking?

CareStack is a wonderful dental software that is user-friendly, and I love to brag to my patients about the fact that we have a Cloud-based software and its advancements. Being able to give them ideas to have a software so that it is more customized to us as users and see it implemented has been great.

2. What brought the idea of online booking as a necessity in your practice?

With society now, patients are expecting online booking. Providers across different healthcare fields currently offer the latest in technology advancements, and with society now, this just felt as something we needed to have. Patients want the convenience, as well as us as the providers, to be able to complete tasks from home or the workplace, any setting, so I figured that it would be a great addition to CareStack with its amazing cutting-edge feature of the Cloud.

3. How did you feel that this would impact your practice?

As you know, we have a startup practice. That being said, most patients, especially our millennial demographic, do not like calling to make appointments, make payments or come in person to fill out forms. Online booking provides a solution to that gap and gives them the convenience they want. This would make patients happy, and in turn, increase new patients for the practice.

4. How did our online booking impact your practice?

With a startup practice, it is difficult to accomplish all your daily tasks in a good workflow while focusing on marketing, growing the practice, managing a team, accounts receivable, and outstanding patient care, etc. simultaneously. Online booking has provided us with more new patients and the freedom to focus on the other more important and productive administrative tasks. The patients are now able to actually book their own appointments and take that work off our to-do list, which is a great addition by the way; they fill out their paperwork and may view their upcoming appointment as a reminder. Our practice is growing, and online booking has been a huge part of our success.

5. How do you feel about online booking?

It’s wonderful! I remember saying that I wanted to be the first to have it as soon as it came out. With a startup practice, there are many things you expect to pay for especially for a service such as online booking. CareStack has not only added online booking but there are no additional fees for it as well. I love it!