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Switching software can seem daunting, but CareStack is here to help. With CareStack, you don’t get a software vendor; you get a business partner.

Our experienced implementation team has an extensive front office, clinical & billing experience.

Simply put, our mission is simple. Elevate your practice to the next level of success through technology modernization.

Implementation process

Each implementation follows a rigorous, tried-and-true methodology, built on industry best practices and delivered by expert consultants.

Transition from sales

Agreement signing & sales handoff

After signing the agreements, the sales team will transfer the customer to the implementation team. An implementation lead will be assigned to partner with the practice throughout the transition.

Welcome email

Customers receive a welcome email from the implementation lead. From here, the customer will decide upon a date for the kickoff call, leading into phase one of the implementation journey: knocking out the details.

Phase one: The details

Kickoff call

After signing the agreements, the sales team will transfer the customer to the implementation team. An implementation lead will be assigned to partner with the practice throughout the transition.

Debut environment delivery

Following the kick-off call, credentials to access the debut environment will be sent to the customers. The debut environment will be set up with sample settings and sample data, allowing practices to experiment with tasks, processes, and settings without worry.

Obtaining access to your data

In order to begin the conversion process, CareStack will need access to the existing practice management system to gather the data. Customers will receive an email with instructions to work closely with the data conversion teams to complete this process.

Workflow analysis

Existing operational workflows will be analyzed to determine any critical blockers, document any additional product features, and prepare a timeline of events like training sessions and weekly meeting times.

Phase two: Team preparedness

CareStack university

Built right into the CareStack platform, users can start their learning as soon as the debut environment is received. Our training curriculum gives practices great flexibility for completing courses at their convenience, with a library of on-demand training videos, step-by-step lessons, and guided practice exercises.

Sandbox delivery

Once the data conversion is complete, the sandbox environment will be updated. This will give a fresh look at how office workflows will translate into CareStack. Guided by the implementation lead, customers will validate the integrity of the converted data to ensure there are no inaccuracies or misrepresented data.

Phase three: The groundwork

Interim-live delivery

The interim-live environment is the optimal time to begin customizing CareStack for specific needs. Completing the admin and clinical setup will enable the team to prepare ahead of time for go-live.

Legacy software sunset

If practices are switching from another practice management software, the day before Go-Live will be spent verifying core processes with statements, claims, and the like. The final peak-efficiency data will be acquired and converted into the production environment. Customers will no longer be entering new data into their legacy system as it will only be used as a reference point moving forward.


During the first few days of going live, practices will receive either onsite or remote support to ensure that they have the tools necessary for success. At this point, an account manager will be assigned to ensure continued success in CareStack.

Step to simplify implementation journey

Switching systems can be a daunting task. Through this article, let us explore a few steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth transition. We will also explore the services to look for while choosing your practice management system partner.

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Finding software that could keep up with growth

About Heritage Dental Partners

Started by Dr.David Jones and Dr.Robert Hurley, Heritage Dental Partners wants to set themselves apart from other DSOs by emphasizing the importance of maintaining the legacy of their selling doctors, and all of the goodwill that they have built, by taking great care of their patients and making any transition go as smoothly as possible.

Heritage Dental

Key challenges faced

Heritage Dental Partners has grown five times in the last two years. Existing software solutions in the market could not provide the necessary degree of centralization required to keep up with the growth and real-time access to data across all the locations on a single dashboard.

Heritage also needed customizations to suit the standard operating procedures followed in their offices. The team at Heritage was on the lookout for a technology partner who listens to the practice and adapts to specific processes that the practice is used to.


Partnering with CareStack to fulfill the practice needs

CareStack was the third software change for the company. As an all-in-one cloud-based solution, CareStack provided the much-needed capabilities around centralization, automation, and real-time analytics for a rapidly growing DSO like Heritage dental partners to gain better control of the operations.

A deep partnership was established between the CareStack implementation team and the practice staff, which led to further optimization of the office workflows to improve patient experience and staff productivity.

CareStack successfully implemented state-of-the-art management systems within Heritage Dental to maintain competitiveness well into the future.

“We have great confidence in CareStack and their abilities to solve problems in the near term and into the future as we continue to grow.”
-Dr. David, Heritage Dental

Interview with Danae Deal, Implementation lead

Can you describe the activities of your team ?

Our team is responsible for guiding the customers through the transition process to CareStack.

Switching practice management systems is not easy. Our entire focus is to make the transition as painless as possible.

What challenges do you encounter?

The biggest concern is around data conversion. Protecting confidential patient and practice related data is paramount.

A close second is change management. When practices are changing to an entirely new system, there are new workflows, structures, and processes. Change is hard for everyone.

There’s no shortage of challenges. But, there are ways to help mitigate these concerns.

What do you like the most about CareStack ?

I love the fact that the entire company revolves around customer success. We consider the customer as our most important asset. I love the fact that we consider customers as the lifeblood of our existence.