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Sasha Tapie, CEO, TLC Dental

December 30, 2020

Leading The Pack With Innovation For Patients And Staff

Improving patient experience has been the founding value and strategy for growth among dental practices. However, in creating the ultimate patient-centric practice, most of them overlook the added stress that has accrued to the staff and practice personnel. ‘Patient-first’ approach or ‘staff-friendly’ practice. Which do you think makes the cut?

Sasha Tapie, CEO – TLC Dental, delves deep into how practices should embrace change by welcoming technological advances to boost business. He emphasizes the need to develop an inspired staff team tuned to a ‘culture of change’ which ensures organizational well-being and better business. He summarizes how introducing a practice management software improves case acceptance rates, leverages operational efficiencies, and ensures a sustainable growth.

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