Future Trends Of Dentistry

Practice owners and industry leaders converge to find new grounds on dental best-practices.

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The Psychology of Dentistry

Mastered the skill of getting your patients to commit yet? Listen to the industry experts to learn some of the best and effective communication tools that will help you and your patients to be on the same page and how to lead them to the chair.

Panelists: Nichole Perry & Whitney Jackson

WATCH NOW 45 min
Nichole PerryWhitney Jackson

3 Simple Systems To Improve Your Practice Tomorrow

Improving your practice production and driving growth is on everyone’s list. But it takes a lot to accomplish the same. In this webinar, Kelly Schwartz talks about the system and tools to improve your practice and how to be prepared when you are opening up a new one.

Panelists: Kelly Schwartz

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Kelly Schwartz

Improved Patient Experience & Case Acceptance through Technology

Enhanced patient experience and over the top case acceptance rate is where everyone places their bets. Join this webinar and learn about the tricks and tips to improve your practice using advanced technology, treatment room tech and much more.

Panelists: Reuben Kamp, Nichole Perry & Maria Fuertes, CareStack Practice Heroes

WATCH NOW 52 min
Reuben KampNichole PerryMaria Fuertes

Equipment & Supplies: How Much is Too Much?

What are the right things to do when it comes to inventory management, logistics, and choosing the right supplier? Take back from this webinar the best methods to manage your practice and products like a pro.

Panelists: Dr. D Brian Williams, Leonora Purellku, Chris Cortes & Maria Fuertes, CareStack Practice Heroes

WATCH NOW 62 mins
Dr. D Brian WilliamsLeonora PurellkuChris CortesMaria Fuertes

Difficult Patient Conversations

There might be unanticipated instances where you might have to deal with difficult patient conversations at your practice. Join our practice hero, Teresa Duncan, as she shares effective conversation tips to handle unprecedented situations without making a mess.

Panelists: Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 47 min
Teresa Duncan

Promoted to Manager, Now What?

Promotions are always a reason to celebrate. But do you get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand? In this webinar, the dental industry experts discuss how to make the transition easier for new managers and how to deal with the changes skillfully.

Panelists: Lynne Leggett CEO, Victory Dental Management & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 57 min
Lynne LeggettTeresa Duncan

Analytics: What gets measured, gets done!

Key Performance Indicators are metrics to track the success of your business. Do you measure them right? Join our practice heroes to learn all about how regularly measuring the key indicators will keep you focused to drive growth.

Panelists: Maria Fuertes, CareStack Practice Heroes & Tyler Phillips

WATCH NOW 43 min
Maria FuertesTyler Phillips

Why Your Marketing is Killing Your Business, and What to do About it

An optimal marketing strategy and an adept team are inevitable to drive growth consistently. In this webinar, Minal Sampat, the dental marketing expert, explains how and why your marketing is killing your business and how to get it fixed.

Panelists: Minal Sampat, National Speaker & Best-Selling Author

WATCH NOW 58 min
Minal Sampat

Building an Investment Grade Practice

In this webinar, Victoria Peterson talks about building an investment-grade practice and figuring out where you are at in your business lifestyle. Learn all about managing the cash flow efficiently throughout the different stages of business maturity.

Panelists: Victoria Peterson Ssd, CEO, Productive Dentist Academy

WATCH NOW 57 min
Victoria Peterson Ssd

Decoding Bundled Insurance Plans

Maria Fuertes and Chad Hendricks talk about DeNovo insurance. The questions being answered include which plan should you accept, how to go about contracting and negotiating those plans and credentialing. Also, the webinar gives you insights into how to strategically choose insurance plans to bring in patients.

Panelists: Chad Hendricks, Owner, Clear Choice Consulting

WATCH NOW 43 min
Chad Hendricks

Make Benefits Your Friend

Maria Fuertes along with our practice heroes talks about the importance of eligibility checks, exclusions, and limitations, primary and secondary benefits, and plan fee schedule assignments in detail in this webinar.

Panelists: Maria Fuertes, CareStack Practice Heroes

WATCH NOW 54 min
Maria Fuertes

Creating Understanding and Relief Within the Dental Team

In this webinar, Dr. Laura Mach is helping dental practice owners and staff handle their feelings around their practice. It is an interactive session in which she talks about dealing with the frustration of not being understood even when heard, interrupted while talking, and how to ease it out constructively.

Panelists: Dr. Laura Mach, Certified Life Coach at Love Your Practice

WATCH NOW 61 mins
Dr. Laura Mach

How to Engage Millennial Team Members

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Roman provides valuable insights on helping your dental team build a positive work culture on how to connect with millennial employees and align them with your shared vision.

Panelists: Eric Roman, Founder, joyFULL People

WATCH NOW 61 mins
Eric Roman

Systemize Your Patient Experience with Dr. Paul Etchison

In this webinar, Dr. Etchison will share his tried and tested system for creating the kind of patient experience that will grow a practice organically through referrals. Learn about the importance of branding and touchpoints, how to create your script for your “play”, and how to use little strategies that get big results to generate 5-star reviews, referrals, and better case acceptance.

Panelists: Dr. Paul Etchison DDS, FICOI, FAGD

WATCH NOW 62 mins
Dr. Paul Etchison

Insights Into Scaling Your Dental Practice

Dental practices looking to expand their services face a multitude of hurdles. Learn how to scale your practice in this webinar.

Panelists: Perrin DesPortes Co-Founder & Partner, Tusk Partners & Diwakar Sinha Partner, Tusk Partners

WATCH NOW 62 mins
Perrin DesPortesDiwakar Sinha

Fiscal Update For Dentists: Q&A Session With Industry Experts

It’s time to get your practice ready to meet the financial changes for the upcoming year, but where do you begin? In this webinar, our panel of industry experts discuss the budgeting and trends for 2021 as the patient numbers rebound and the dental market wakes up to a new normal.

Panelists: Mike White, Eddie Geraghty & Tarek Aly

WATCH NOW 58 mins
Mike WhiteEddie GeraghtyTarek Aly

The Road To Dental Practice Administration And Leadership

If you are striving to instill a positive momentum in your business, smarter handling of the practice administration and management is where you need to place your bets. Join practice management coach, Geri Gottlieb, as she explains how to mantle leadership roles at your practice.

Panelists: Geri Gottlieb & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 34 mins
Geri GottliebTeresa Duncan

Ignite Your New Patient Acquisition To Finish The Year Strong

When running on a shoestring budget, you need to maximize every new patient opportunity. In this webinar, Amol Nirgudkar explains how you can improve your patient acquisition rate by paying more attention to the performance of your front-office staff.

Panelists: Amol Nirgudkar & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 60 mins
Amol NirgudkarTeresa Duncan

Closing The Gap Between You And Your Patients

Re-imagining practice management with patient-centered focus is the way ahead for any dental practice planning to scale up. Take back from this webinar, how to meaningfully engage your patients by streamlining practice workflow and ensuring a wholesome experience before, during, and after the visit.

Panelists: Lynne Leggett CEO, Victory Dental Management & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 61 mins
Lynne LeggettTeresa Duncan

Zero Turnover Is Possible: It’s All About Leadership

It takes a lot to run a practice by efficiently managing your team, working with insurance companies, and providing your patients with the best possible experience. Learn more from this webinar on how to create a productive and profitable dental practice through immediately implementable strategies.

Panelists: Dr. Paul Etchison DDS, FICOI, FAGD & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 59 mins
Dr. Paul EtchisonTeresa Duncan

What Top Dental Practices Do To Increase Case Acceptance

Increasing the case acceptance rate not only impacts your practice revenue but also substantially improves your patient acquisition rate, providing you with opportunities to attend more dental cases. However, getting patients to accept the treatment plans can be challenging and tiring.

Panelists: Angela Davis-Sullivan & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 58 mins
Angela Davis-SullivanTeresa Duncan

5 Steps To More New Patients, Close More Cases, And Get Paid Up Front!

With an ideal case presentation, you can close more big cases by increasing your collections in 30 days or less! Listen to our industry experts on how to help your patients without being pushy, with a totally predictable system for case presentations.

Panelists: Dr. Jeff Palmer & Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 63 mins
Dr. Jeff PalmerTeresa Duncan

Strategic Insurance Management

Handling insurances have been a real pain for dental practices over the past few years. Learn from the expert on how to push back your outdated insurance systems and focus on taking your revenue cycle to the next level of operational efficiency.

Panelists: Teresa Duncan President, Odyssey Management Inc.

WATCH NOW 62 mins
Teresa Duncan

Accessing Stimulus Funds: Considerations For Dentists

Many dental practices are looking for solutions to overcome stressed financial performance and weakened balance sheet positions. Learn how to fast-track the growth of your practice from its current state: understanding the cash flow impact, reducing overhead expenses, and accessing new reimbursements.

Panelists: Mike White & Eddie Geraghty

WATCH NOW 64 mins
Mike WhiteEddie Geraghty

Trends And Best Practices To Increase Your Patient Collections

Managing patient collections is hard but super rewarding. Listen as experts talk on how implementing the best performing patient collections strategy allows practices to quickly improve patient experience building more meaningful patient-practice relationships.

Panelists: Julie Jenkins, Priscilla Pennington & Jim Gerson VP, Sales & Marketing

WATCH NOW 51 mins
Julie JenkinsJim Gerson
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