HIPAA compliant storage and transmission

Profiles and permissions

Add users and assign them permissions and privileges to suit the role assigned to them.

Transmission encryption

With SSL encryption, protect your data from all kinds of threats when it is in transmission.

Audit trails

Keep track who has edited what and when through a comprehensive HIPAA compliant audit log.

Secure communications

Enable users across locations and roles to exchange messages in a secure manner.

Automatic log off

Set customizable timers to automatically log-off users after a period of inactivity.

Continuous monitoring

Monitors requests in real-time and get notified of any suspicious activities.

Best ways to prevent data theft

Data theft has been making the news quite a bit off lately. Dental practices manage sensitive patient data and are also responsible for data security as per HIPAA guidelines. Read our blog on how to ensure enterprise-grade security to patient data.

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