use social media to get more dental clients

Social media engagement for dental practices

Social media presence has become important beyond just reaching out; it has also become a tool that patients use to verify and judge your practice before booking an appointment. Maintaining an active social media presence shows you as an active practice that its patients are actively interacting with. This develops trust and ensures you get more new patients.

Here are some tips to help you improve your activity on social media:

Post good pictures:

Photos help you establish credibility online. Post good photographs of your facility, your team, your patients, or even deliver important messages through pictures.

Post a casual campaign like #tbt:

A #hashtag campaign helps promote your content among a larger circle by encouraging your followers to join in. For example, a picture from the past of you, your practice or your team posted as nostalgia on a Thursday may be picked up by your patients and they may actively post their own pictures with the hashtag.

Tag real people and show patient transformations:

There is nothing that establishes credibility like a real person who underwent a transformation. This not only improves your credibility and showcases your skill, but it also encourages more people in your vicinity to go ahead with restorative procedures. Instagram was made for this.

Go hyper-local:

Always make it a point to be supportive and participate in local events such as fundraisers or community event that makes the local population see you as a member of the community and less as a business.

Ask questions:

Questions and interactive messages are especially effective because every time you get a member of the community to respond, you are adding their social circle to your interaction. Interesting questions and interactive posts, asking something from your followers and patients are a great way to promote social media engagement.


Another upcoming trend is the use of videos. Everyone has a fast internet connection on their mobiles and many people prefer video content. They are short and precise and convey your message much better with a human touch. Post more videos on dental advice or even post a wish to engage users during the festival season.


Social media requires constant updates and dedicated attention. This can become tricky in your busy schedules. One way to balance this is to use automation and scheduling of posts so that interactions look regular, whereas your attention can be in other areas without distraction.

Be genuine, be casual and real:

Social media works on the principle of being human. Every bit of data in there has a human element attached. That is why we find it attractive. Do not miss this crucial element. Make your posts genuine, be open and real in your conversations rather than following a formal template.

Post customer testimonials and reviews:

It is useful to post some of your good reviews from time to time, thanking your patient or the author. These help your ‘patients and followers trust your messages more since they are vetted by 3rd party reviewers.


Freebies might seem a bit too much. But, reality is freebies still draw human interaction and people still chase rewards. Use freebies from time to time to promote specific campaigns. Design your campaigns well so that you can reach out with the best message.