cs conversations

CS Conversations

Increase New Patient Conversion with the Power of AI

Analyze phone calls, Identify missed opportunities, and re-engage with Prospects to increase new patient growth with real-time call transcriptions, AI-Driven opportunity notifications and integrated phone system.

Increase conversion rates on new patient inquiries

Increase conversion rates on new patient inquiries

Identify opportunities to schedule high-value cases

Convert high-value patients with follow-up recommendations

Improve team performance with actionable insights

Turn team members into subject matter experts with interactive phone scripts and FAQs.

Consolidate patient interactions across multiple channels

Manage all your phone calls, text messages, and live chats in one place.

Supercharge Your Front Office to Boost Patient Growth

Built with the same tools that power ChatGPT, CS Conversations brings you the latest in AI to help you grow your business.

How it Works

Revolutionize how you communicate with your patients by harnessing the power of AI and automation. 

Integrated Phone System

  • Make and Receive Phone Calls

    Use CS Conversations built-in VOIP system, or plug into your existing phone system for your calls.

  • Automate Missed Call Workflows

    Set up workflows to customize automated responses and follow-up from call transcripts and recordings.

  • Get Notified with Alerts and Call Logs

    Get alerts for incoming and missed calls, and quickly re-engage from the call logs and transcripts.

AI-driven Call Transcription

  • Real-Time Transcripts

    Watch the magic of AI as your call transcript gets generated as you are on the call.

  • Intelligent Phrases

    Our AI framework automatically identifies "smart phrases" related to appointments, patients, etc., for call analytics and data entry automation.

  • Smart Links

    Use smart links (generated by the AI transcripts) to quickly onboard new patient into CareStack during scheduling.

Deep Integration with CareStack

  • Patient Actions

    View Patient Details from your call screen (including balances, recalls, and more) and proceed to schedule/reschedule in one click.

  • Text-to-Pay

    Send patients a text-to-pay link without leaving the call screen for more effective collection calls.

  • Follow-ups

    Add and assign patient follow-ups to other users in CareStack to ensure better collaboration between users.

  • Seamless Single Sign-On

    Once you log in to CareStack, you can log into CS Conversations in one click. It’s as simple as that.

Actionable Call Analytics

  • Identify Missed Opportunities

    Patients have access to view and sign recommended treatment plans.

  • Compare Key Performance Metrics

    Analyze key metrics associated with call performance to identify areas of growth and improvement.

  • Benchmark Team Performance

    Train your team to use the AI suggestions to improve conversion rates and set benchmarks for excellence.

Workflow Automation

  • Ring Groups and Call Trees

    Set up your phone trees, create custom user groups, and associate them with incoming call types for routing calls to the right team members.

  • Intent-driven Custom Workflows

    Create custom workflows based on the intent of the caller to trigger AI-driven recommendations for team performance and standardization.

  • Practice FAQ

    Set up FAQ content for easy access during phone calls, helping to standardize responses and onboard new employees more effectively.

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david rallis

Dr.David Rallis

CEO, Paradigm Oral Health 


This is a game changer for teams...

In the current and foreseeable labor environment, creating an empowered team is more important than ever. I see great potential in CS Conversations to augment the talent of my team, enabling them to perform better while improving their work experience.

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