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Grow Your Practice with our Dental Membership Plan Software

Our in-house dental membership platform allows you to grow your patient base, accurately allocate provider income, and integrate cards-on-file for seamless collections.

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All-in-one Membership Portal

Access and manage all things related to membership plans including plan creation, members, auto-renewals, and marketing in one place.

Flexible Plan Creation

Easily create customized membership plans tailored to your practice's unique offerings and patient preferences.

Seamless Patient Onboarding

Effortlessly present your plans to enroll and onboard patients, easily store cards-on-file, and track membership details such as benefits utilization.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable real-time insights into membership metrics, plan performance, and revenue tracking and projections to optimize your membership strategies.

Automated Collections and Payments

Streamline your financial processes with automated subscription renewal and premium collection, discount calculation, and secure online payments.

How Our Dental Membership Software Benefits You

Leverage our dental membership software to simplify administration, attract uninsured patients, and maximize practice profitability.

How CS Membership Adds Value to Your Practice and Patients

Increase your case acceptance rate, ensure a recurring revenue stream, and offer your patients better dental health.

Workflow Automation

In-built payment plans, cards-on-file and automated payment processing to put your membership program on auto-pilot.

Seamless Integration with CareStack

CS Memberships has deep integration with the CareStack PMS platform to enable accurate provider allocations, fee schedule management and more.

HIPAA Compliant

CS Membership employs CareStack’s industry-standard encryption and data security measures to protect sensitive patient data and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Customer Support

Dedicated customer support is available throughout working hours across all US time zones, along with training resources for smooth implementation and ongoing assistance via chat and phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

How can dental membership plans help dental practices increase revenue?

Dental membership plans can help dental practices increase revenue by providing a steady stream of recurring income, reducing dependence on insurance reimbursements, attracting new patients, and improving patient loyalty.

What is CS Membership?

CS Membership is a comprehensive solution that helps dental practices create, manage, and grow their own membership plans. It simplifies plan administration, improves patient experience, and increases practice revenue by providing an alternative to traditional insurance models.

Can CS Membership be used with my current payment processor?

CS Membership is available only with CS Pay.

What is the pricing for CS Membership?

For each practice that enrolls for CS Membership, we charge $99 per month (for up to 60 members), and $2 per month for each active member once the number crosses 60. This number is counted across all active locations.

What is the onboarding process for CS Membership?

Once you have signed the contract, our support team will enable CS Membership for your CareStack account and will help you get set up with plan creation, fee management, etc.

How does CS Membership protect patient data?

CS Membership employ industry-standard encryption and data security measures to protect sensitive patient data and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Can I customize my membership plans with CS Membership?

Yes, CS Membership allows you to fully customize your membership plans based on your practice's unique offerings and patient preferences.

Can I track plan performance with CS Membership?

Yes, CS Membership provides advanced reporting and analytics tools that enable you to track plan performance, patient retention, revenue projections, and more.

Do I need separate login credentials to access the Membership portal?

No, your CareStack login credentials can log you in to CS Membership as well.

What options do I have for providing Discounts in plan creation flow?

We provide multiple options to configure discounts:

- Flat discounts % level discounts across all treatment code categories

- % or dollar amount discount on individual code categories

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