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Expert Support for Practice Operations

Ever wished you had more staff members to help you grow your practice? Our expert professionals can take over activities in your practice remotely, freeing up your resources to focus on patient care and practice growth

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Why Choose VirtualAssistant?

Our studies show that growing practices face significant hurdles around expertise and availability of qualified staff, leading to losses in multiple ways. For a typical dental office, these inefficiencies translate into an annual loss of up to $30,000 in revenue.

CareStack’s VirtualAssistant service will provide you access to highly qualified remote experts who can take over all of your patient facing activities including phone calls, appointment scheduling and patient re-engagement, helping you free up valuable time and resources for your existing staff members.

why choose virtualassistant

What’s Included?

Our VirtualAssistants can take over all of your patient facing tasks, thereby making more time available for your existing team to focus on other activities for growing your practice

Answer Calls

Never miss a call again! Trained VirtualAssistants can make and answer phone calls to provide instant answers to patients

  • Real person to greet and attend calls

  • Answer frequently asked questions

  • New patient intake capture

  • Answer calls during off-hours

Handle Appointments

Our VirtualAssistants will work with you to access your practice schedule, and make / update appointments in real time, thus bringing in more potential patients

  • Schedule, confirm and cancel appointments

  • Patient reminders and recalls

  • Appointment rescheduling

  • Emergency patient appointments

Track Patient Follow Ups

Tracking patient follow-ups, cancellations and rescheduling appointments can all be taken over by our team to ensure that patients don’t fall off the continuum of care

  • Follow up unscheduled treatment

  • Reactivate dormant patients

  • Re-engage no shows and cancellations

  • Follow up with patient referrals

  • Capture reviews from happy patients

How Good is the Team?

CareStack’s VirtualAssistant team members are well-trained, backed by a set of well-designed processes and tools. The profile of a typical Virtual Assistant team member is given below:

  • Pre-Screened and Fully Vetted Staff members

  • Trained in HIPAA Compliance to handle PHI securely

  • BAA & Confidentiality Agreements to comply with regulations

  • Experts in CareStack Software Workflows

  • Dedicated Account Managers to help you track progress

virtual assistant


Virtual Assistant

3+ Years Customer Service Experience in US Healthcare and Retail Industries


Full time employment with CareStack working out of CareStack facility in Philippines


Excellent written and verbal communication skills with strong command of English language


Available during US working hours 7 AM EST to 9 PM PST

How Good is The Service?

whitney d weiner

Whitney D. Weiner DDS

CEO & Founder, Whole Dental Wellness


VirtualAssistant helped us clean up our redundant data...and run reactivation campaigns

After merging together several practices onto CareStack from various other systems, we found ourselves in a troubling situation with a massive mountain of clean-up work.  Redundant data.  False data.  You name it, we had it.  CareStack VA to the rescue!  Within two months, the VA team was able to help us inactive over 6,000 patients and launch a multi-prong reactivation campaign. We would have not been able to accomplish this massive lift in such a short period of time without our partners at CareStack VirtualAssistant.

Constant Skill Improvement

Each VirtualAssistant team member is provided with weeks of up-front training on top of their existing education. They are also supported with a deep bench of experienced people, tools and processes.

Best Practices for Your Office

We efficiently analyze your workflow and draw upon our catalog of best practices to proactively outline the scope of work and set realistic expectations.

Diligent Documentation

All of our work is cross-trained among a team of people and everything is consistently documented, even as tools change and processes evolve.

Ready to Upgrade Your Practice?

Talk to our customer success team today, and learn how VirtualAssistant services can help your business achieve operational excellence.