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Your dental practice heavily relies on the administrative team, who are the first responders to your patients.  Have you struggled with training team members who may be new to dentistry?  Or, struggled with “upskilling” current employees for new or expanded roles?

Introducing CareStack Academy, an online learning platform and a complete solution for your dental training needs!

We bring expert insights from seasoned dental professionals with years of experience and have designed easy-to-follow courses that will walk you through best dental practices allowing you to create a productive and welcoming work environment.

CareStack® Dental Practice Masters

To keep you ahead of the competition, explore courses like;

  • Front-office administration

    Front Office Administration

    A comprehensive guide on front office management and patient engagement. Build a productive front desk with this course.

  • Clinical excellence

    Clinical Excellence

    Prepare your dental team to work more effectively with essential clinical skills. Upgrade your knowledge to make better clinical decisions.

  • Revenue cycle management

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Increase revenue and speed up cash flow with RCM. Understand the insurance better and increase your collections.

  • Analytics


    A seamlessly integrated guide on analytics to monitor the growth of your practice. Stay on top in the latest analytics and make your practice thrive.

Explore courses

With these courses, you can:


Better communicate the day-to-day tasks with your team


Fully understanding dental insurance, claim submission, and collections


Maintain smooth cash flow with revenue cycle management


Use the right techniques for patient scheduling


Stay productive in your practice

Additionally, you’ll receive helpful:

Downloadable checklists
Downloadable checklists
Course PDFs
Course PDFs
Reading scripts
Reading scripts

CareStack Academy is designed to help you meet the growing needs of your practice. We empower you with tools that will help you nurture your patients, schedule appointments more effectively, build good communication with your team and manage revenue more closely.