Inner Circle

CareStack Inner Circle Conference

At the center of CareStack’s ethos is the client. Our complete solution for managing dental practices has evolved, largely due to the valuable feedback from our users. And the results are undeniable—the more engagement with dentists and team members, the more CareStack improves!

In 2022 we launched our inaugural Inner Circle conference to bring together our most dedicated clients with the CareStack teams responsible for the platform. This event enabled our product and engineering teams to hear directly from clients in a face-to-face setting dedicated to true engagement.

In addition, there were great networking opportunities for the attendees to build a community with fellow CareStack users. This was especially evident during our small group breakouts and the social event hosted at Top Golf nearby!

The 2023 edition of CareStack Inner Circle was held at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida from Feb 2-4, 2023.

CareStack® Inner Circle Conference

Conference Topics

Here are the areas of focus covered at our unique client engagement event:

Conference topics: User engagement

User Engagement

  • Streamlining workflows to minimize “clicks” while maximizing throughput
  • Customization features to accommodate all types of practices
Conference topics: Reporting & analytics

Reporting & Analytics

  • “Practice Health Report” to provide instantaneous data points related to the financial performance of the practice
  • KPIs, dashboards, and other visualization tools to make data actionable
Conference topics: Insurance & payments

Insurance & Payments

  • Facilitating the next generation of patient payment preferences such as “text to pay” & memberships
  • Improving first pass acceptance rates for the submission of electronic claims