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Switching your dental practice management system can be a big undertaking. If not properly implemented, it can cause severe stress and loss of revenue. With CareStack, the onboarding process is tried and tested, built on best practices, and delivered by subject matter experts to enable a smooth transition experience. Our focus is on sound planning and disciplined execution with a commitment to your success.

Convert your data from all major practice management systems in less than 2 weeks

Including most versions of Dentrix, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, SoftDent, Denticon, QSI, QSI Dental Web, Curve Dental and many more.

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Implementation Timeline

Transform Your Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide from Initial Meeting to Post-Go-Live Support.

Phase 1

Kick-off meeting

  • Our Sales team will introduce you to our Implementation team.
  • We identify key stakeholders at both sides, priorities, and the go-live date.
  • You will be assigned an Implementation Lead who will be with you until you go live.
  • We also baseline the key implementation goals and success metrics.
  • Your Implementation Lead schedules the kickoff call.
Phase 2

Planning and Analysis

  • You will be given access to a Demo Environment to start your learning path
  • Your team will also gain access to CareStack University, which is our consolidated learning platform
  • Our Implementation team will guide you through key Practice Workflows
  • We will also discuss and align on any custom requirements that you may have.
Phase 3

Data Conversion

  • Our proprietary data conversion tool will access data from your current PMS system.
  • Once the automated data loading process is completed, you will get an email with steps to work with the data team.
  • Once data is changed, the test area will be updated.
  • Your team will get the chance to validate the data accuracy with our Implementation Lead's guidance.
Phase 4

Product Training

  • Our team will take you through the Admin and Clinical Setup sessions
  • You will also have 24x7 access to on-demand training videos with step-by-step lessons
  • Based on the initial plan, you will also receive customized training sessions (if required)
  • A week before go-live, your 3rd party app configurations will also be completed
Phase 5

Go Live

  • You’re all set now! We’ll wait for confirmation from your side to start the go-live process
  • Once we’re all ready, we’ll start the final data extract process (typically over a weekend)
  • The latest data will be updated and your CareStack Live Environment will be delivered to you
  • On the Go-Live day, our support teams will be notified to look out and assist your team
  • After D-day, we’ll start the post Go-Live support sessions based on the feedback from the live date
Phase 6

Post Go Live Support

  • After go-live, the Implementation Lead will transition you to your Client Success Manager who will start working with you to ensure a smooth transition
  • You’ll also have access to Weekly Success Coaching sessions to ensure that you can get the most out of CareStack
  • In addition, the CareStack team will organize Monthly Bootcamp sessions that cover a particular business use case, introduction to new features / new partners etc., to offer you more options to continuously improve your practice operations
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Dan Katz

Dan Katz

CEO, Plum Dental Group

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Dr. Ryan Morrison

Millard Family Dentistry

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