Billing Services

Streamlined Dental Billing Services

With so many important tasks in a dental practice, finding enough hours in the day can be a struggle. Many offices are looking for ways to save time, to allow their team to focus more on patients, or just to make sure crucial projects are done in a timely manner.

One way that CareStack can help streamline the billing process is with our Print and Mail statement option. (This feature is available to all offices, but it is not required to use.) For a set price per statement, your practice can send the batch to our facilities, where the statements are printed, stuffed into envelopes, and sent out on behalf of your office.

Within CareStack, statement templates are highly customizable, giving you the ability to send them to all patients, patients with balances of certain types, or even exclude patients that may have received a one-off or manual statement recently. And with many other batch options to suit your needs, the results are a much much easier billing process that is less time-consuming and more efficient for your team.

Billing services

Billing Experts

Outsource your billing and shift the heavy lifting around getting paid to us. You focus on caring more for your patients. Our billing specialists can help you submit clean claims, manage aging, post payments, update ledgers, follow up denials and more.

Maintain fee schedules

Maintain Fee Schedules

Keep fee schedules up-to-date in order to ensure proper treatment plans and submission of clean claims.

Verify insurance eligibility

Verify Insurance Eligibility

Breakdown of a patient’s individual or family insurance is instantly updated for same-day, future, or walk-in appointments.

Submit insurance claims

Submit Insurance Claim

Submit primary and secondary claims electronically with sufficient review to minimize clerical errors.

Review denials & rejections

Review Denials And Rejections

Investigate the cause for denials and promptly follow up with insurance companies to collect outstanding balances.

Post insurance payments

Post Insurance Payments

Post insurance payments and contract adjustments to the ledgers within 24 business hours after the EOB is scanned.

Submit financial reports

Submit Financial Reports

Email weekly and monthly reports to the management with a summary of the collection efforts and any identified issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the Print and Mail feature to send statements?

No. Your office can print statements independently using an in-office printer, and stuff and mail according to your needs. Print and Mail can also be disabled entirely in Settings, to ensure team members don't accidentally send statements for print service.

What does it cost to send statements?

Due to changes in postage & materials costs, we do not publish a set price per statement. However, clients can lock in a set price upon sign-up, please schedule a personalized demo to discuss your billing needs!

Where do my non-deliverable statements go?

Your office has the option to set a return address for batches of statements when setting them up. If you have a group of offices, they could all go to one address, or you can change the address each time you run a batch to send them to custom locations.

Are the payment options on statements changeable?

Yes they are. Inside the Practice Settings your office can configure what payment options you would like to offer.