Data Conversion

Easily Migrate Your Patient Records

Switching practice management software can be a hassle, especially since it's the foundation of all your daily operations. Changing to CareStack does require some work to learn the new system, but we've made the process of data conversion easier than ever!

The patient data inside your previous software is always of utmost concern during a transition. With CareStack, practices can easily bring data from legacy software. Our data conversion team will pull the data, run test conversions for validation, and work with you to verify accuracy and integrity before the final conversion.

Once we receive the office’s sign-off, we set the final conversion date, and it’s as easy as flipping a switch. The office logs out at the end of the day, and wakes up with the same patient information now in CareStack—and set up for a new era of success!

Data conversion

Electronic Conversion

Protecting patient data is vital to your practice. To ensure zero data loss, we perform accurate and detailed electronic data conversion before importing the data into CareStack. Our conversion specialists work closely with the practice staff at each step to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

Every system, every data format

Every System, Every Data Format

We have successfully converted data from over 60 practice management software systems. No source system is too complex or large for us.

Electronic data conversion

Electronic Data Conversion

The data volume in your current practice management system is huge and highly valuable. We do electronic data conversion to free you from the labor-intensive job of manual data entry.

Conversion Process


Data Extraction

We will access the existing practice management system and work with your practice staff to identify how much data is available, the accuracy of the legacy data, which portions of the data need to be converted and the method of the conversion.



Once the data conversion is complete, the sandbox environment will be updated. Guided by the lead, customers will validate the integrity of the converted data to ensure that there are no inaccuracies.


Final Migration

Once the data in the sandbox is validated and updated with the necessary corrections, we will execute the final migration prior to Go-Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is our data safe?

Yes, it is. CareStack takes your data security very seriously. Our team is highly disciplined with your patient data and keeping it safe and secure.

Will the conversion affect our day to day operations?

No. Our team performs their functions during your off hours, so it will not conflict with your daily operations. The final conversion will be scheduled with your Implementation Lead during off hours as well.

Do I have to convert everything?

No. You can work with your Implementation Lead during our process if there are things you want to leave in your old software. A recent example was an office coming onto CareStack was not confident that their Insurance Plans were accurate. We left those in their previous software and the office set up new ones, knowing they were correct.

How do we verify the data is correct?

Our team will run a test conversion of your data and provide your team with a Sandbox. We will schedule a call with the key stakeholders and review a checklist for verification. Your team also has the option to continue to dig in the sandbox and verify additional items if desired.