Embrace a modern and secure way of running your dental office

CareStack is the right choice for your practice to migrate to the cloud. We provide the flexibility to work from anywhere, with enterprise-grade security for your data.

You can monitor the schedule, analyze case acceptance, and track production goals as you work from a different location or the comfort of your home! Add locations, providers, or staff members in CareStack remotely, and set them up with user-specific access permissions.

Our cloud-based model features industry-best security to protect you from ransomware and malicious attacks. Your data will always be safe and accessible to your team from anywhere.

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accessibility and flexibility

Accessibility & Flexibility

Remotely access critical practice data and tools, manage patient information, appointments, and treatment plans from anywhere, anytime.

data security and disaster recovery

Data Security & Disaster Recovery

CareStack offers robust data security measures including encryption protocols, data backups, and data redundancy mechanisms.

cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

As there is no need to maintain expensive hardware infrastructure compared to locally hosted systems, the total cost of ownership is much lower.

scalability and updates

Scalability & Updates

With CareStack, practices adapt to changing needs. Automatic updates ensures that the practice has all the latest features.

collaboration and integration

Collaboration & Integration

CareStack’s cloud-based system comes bundled with built-in tools for collaboration between office users and patients.

A Modern Way to Run and scale your dental Office

Say Goodbye to On-Premise Dental Software

Access all your data from anywhere, anytime with CareStack.

remote access

Remote Access

View your data anytime, anywhere, from a device connected to the internet. Seamless remote access offers immense flexibility and accessibility.

patient portal

Patient Portal

Share patient data, treatment plans, patient history, and billing information to your patients through the patient portal.

data backup

Data Backups

Automated data backups ensure data security and integrity. We hold the security of your data with utmost importance!

treatment planning

Treatment Planning

Remotely customize treatment options and submit them for patient approval through the patient portal.

electronic claims

Electronic Claims

Submit electronic claims online to avoid costly delays, disruptions in cash flow, and arduous paperwork

automated reminders

Automated Reminders

Automated appointment and payment reminders decrease no-shows and reduce payment wait periods.

card on file


Save your patient's card for future use and enable payment plans and auto debt options for both card and check.

multi location analytics

Multi-Location Analytics

Access multi-location analytics and real-time reports on your device from anywhere, anytime.

More Success Stories from Customers

Lauren McDaniel, MS

Lauren McDaniel, MS

Owner/Office Manager, Ortho 99 Plus 1

Saves a lot of time, money, and effort... intuitive and simple


"CareStack has a number of built-in features that saves a lot of time, money, and effort. The interface is intuitive and simple, making the switch a breeze. It eliminates the need for any additional third-party vendors."

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