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CareStack’s mission is to simplify dental practice management and allow dental practitioners to truly focus on things that matter—patient care and business growth. Founded in 2015, the company offers a unique cloud-based dental software solution designed for dental practices to simplify operations, elevate patient relationships, improve staff productivity, and accelerate business growth and income.

CareStack is purpose-built to meet the demands of growing practices, whether they possess one location or many. We pride ourselves on possessing a deep understanding of both software technology application in the healthcare industry as well as dentistry and the unique needs of everyone in the ecosystem.


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Dr. Mark Huzyak and Abilash Krishna founded CareStack in 2015. At that time, “Dr. Mark” was the principal of three successful dental groups in central Florida. Abhilash was working as a Technologist.

They tested many dental practice software available in the market. What was available had many limitations to support a busy dental practice. Challenged with the task at hand, they decided to create their own.

Together, they built a cloud-based SaaS platform for dental practice management. This eliminated the need for clunky and cost-prohibitive software , of which there was plenty.

Today, CareStack is a complete practice management software, supporting over 1,500 dental practices in the United States.

Our clients have fueled the popularity and growth of the CareStack platform. At the core of our ethos is our drive to improve the platform's functionality through open dialogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long has CareStack been in business?

CareStack was founded in 2015. After years of focused development and engineering, the CareStack platform for complete management of dental practices was launched commercially to the general public in late 2017. Fast-forward to the present day, we are utilized in over 1,500 practices by thousands of dental professionals.

Is CareStack an American company?

CareStack is a multinational company with a US headquarters located in Celebration, Florida nearby “Dr. Mark’s” founding practice. We are also proud to have a significant presence in India, specifically in the cities of Trivandrum, Kochi, and Bangalore.

Can I expect CareStack to be here in 5, 10, or 20 years?

We think so! That’s why we have raised over $145 million dollars in the past five years from leading institutions and strategic dental partners.

How can I learn more about CareStack to see if it’s a fit for our dental practice?

Book a no-obligation demo here: Quick Demo. We look forward to learning more about your dental practice. We promise to “keep you whole” during the demonstration. We’re not a fit for everyone, and we understand that changing or deciding on practice management software is a big decision.