Optimize Operational Efficiency

Eliminate Inefficiencies & Maximize Outcomes

With CareStack, dental practices can easily manage patient schedules, appointments, and treatment plans, all from one centralized system. This can help to reduce scheduling errors and improve patient flow, ultimately saving time and reducing costs.

Additionally, CareStack software allows for easy and efficient communication between team members, helping to improve coordination and collaboration. This can help reduce the time and effort needed to complete tasks, often significantly improving efficiency. CareStack's software also offers a range of features that automate routine tasks and processes, further streamlining operations.

If your dental practice operations are in need of an overhaul, consider CareStack's all-in-one cloud dental software. Request a free demo to learn more and get started!

Centralize as you scale

Centralize As You Scale

Unify your data, processes and people on a centralized platform as you scale your operations.

Standardize office workflows

Standardize Office Workflows

Leverage templates and business rules to create repeatable, consistent workflows across the sites

Automate routine tasks

Automate Routine Tasks

Leverage templates and business rules to create repeatable, consistent workflows across the sites.

Setting You Up For Success!

Centralize To Scale Profitably

Maximize profitability with a complete software platform to streamline operations and reduce overheads per location.

Administrative settings

Administration Settings

Manage locations, groups of locations, users and system preferences from a central admin portal.

Profiles & permissions
Patient communications

Patient Communication

Create outbound patient engagement campaigns / outreach tasks that can be deployed for any location.

Brand assets
Digital campaigns
Promotional marketing
Surveys and feedback

Standardize To Improve Consistency

Implement standard operating procedures across all the offices to ensure consistency, predictability and operational efficiency.


Maximize revenue across sites by implementing the best practices to drive up schedule utilization and production.

  • Scheduler settings

  • Online forms

  • Consent forms

  • Contactless check-in


Improve treatment acceptance by setting up a compliant and consistent way of delivering care.

  • Chart settings

  • Care panels

  • Note templates

  • Care audit rules


Gain total visibility into the financial performance by streamline every aspect of your revenue cycle management.

  • Fee schedules

  • Payment settings

  • Statement templates

Automate To Enhance Productivity

Leave repetitive work behind with smart automations to handle routine administrative and care coordination activities.

Patient follow-ups

Patient Follow Ups

Automatically engage patients with personalized recurring messages via email and text for better reactivation.

Billing automation

Collection Automation

Free your staff from tedious administrative tasks related to collection with customizable automations.

Patient payments

Patient Payments

Set up automated patient billing to deliver personalized text and email reminders until a payment is made.