Reduce Multiple Subscriptions

Say Goodbye to Bolt-on Dental Software Subscriptions

In today's rapidly evolving dental industry, focusing on efficiency and effectiveness is paramount for dental practices. That’s why having an all-in-one dental practice management software can significantly reduce the time spent learning, implementing, and consolidating activities across multiple dental software systems.

Recognizing this as the right approach towards building dental software, CareStackhas pioneered the concept of the all-in-one dental practice management system by bringing together built-in capabilities for patient communication, emails, office communication, multi-location business analytics, online forms, onboarding patient portal, patient check-in kiosks, and digital case acceptance into one seamless experience for providers, staff, and patients.

Choosing CareStack helps you cut subscription costs and run a more efficient practice that provides the best-in-class patient experience with improved staff productivity.

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reduce subscription costs

Reduce Subscription Costs

Say goodbye to costly add-ons with built-in capabilities for running and scaling all operations.

stellar patient experience

Stellar Patient Experience

Give a modern experience to your patients during check-in, chair-side, check-out, and payments—all without using other software!

better decision making and productivity

Better Decision Making & Productivity

Eliminate data fragmentation across multiple systems, and reduce the learning curve for your staff.

Setting You Up For Success

Eliminate Patient-Facing Dental Software Add-ons

Create a stellar experience for patients at your practice without spending money on costly software subscriptions.

online scheduling

Online Scheduling

Get more new patients and give existing patients an easy way to schedule appointments without the extra phone calls or the back and forth.

online forms

Online Forms

Save time, reduce paper waste, and promote staff and patient safety by completing all patient paperwork online.

online medical history

Online Medical History

Digital health records are accessible through the patient portal for convenience and improved efficiency.

Patient portal

Patient Portal

Reduce call volume and improve patient satisfaction by providing self-service access to payments and treatment history.

check in kiosk

Check-in Kiosk

Allow convenient check-in and digital form completion for patients with the Patient Kiosk.

text to pay


Send your patients a secure text with a link to pay their balance. The patient can click the link, follow the instructions, and confirm the payment.

scan to pay


Patient payments are made even easier by embedding a QR code in electronic patient statements. Patients can scan the QR to make their payments right away.

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