CareStack Podcasts

CareStack Podcasts are a series of discussions featuring practice owners who have successfully transitioned to using CareStack in their practice. These podcasts provide valuable insights and advice on how to navigate the challenges of implementing new software and making the most of its features and benefits.

With each speaker sharing their experiences (including what challenges they faced, and how they overcame them), these podcasts have proven to be a valuable resource for anyone who is considering making the switch to CareStack.

So listen to these podcasts to gain knowledge and inspiration from industry peers, and develop a better understanding of how CareStack can help your practice!



Here are the areas of focus covered at our unique client engagement event:

Ryan Arnold

Creating Sustainable Specialty Dental Businesses

Guest Speaker: Ryan Arnold, Principal, Wisdom Teeth Guys

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Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III

Taking The Leap With A Modern Dental Software

Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III, Director, Stevenson Dental Solutions

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Jasmine Elmore, DDS

Considerations For Starting From Scratch

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jasmine Elmore, CEO, About Face Collaborative

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Sasha Tapie

Leading The Pack With Innovation For Patients And Staff

Guest Speaker: Sasha Tapie, CEO, TLC Dental

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Dr. Rafael Rivera Jr.

Making The Switch And Managing The Unknown

Guest Speaker: Dr. Rafael Rivera Jr., DDS, Owner/Dentist, Smile Starters

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Camille Jones

Out With The Old And In With The New From A Dental Perspective

Guest Speaker: Camille Jones, Operations Manager, Smyrna Dental

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Dr. Brinda Patel

The Anatomy Of Changing Software

Guest Speaker: Dr. Brinda Patel, COO, Smile Select Dental

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Paul Bains

Software Decision Making For Dental Start-Ups

Guest Speaker: Paul Bains, Office Operations Manager, Element Dental

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Dr. Aman Kaur

Embracing Change To Grow Your Group

Guest Speaker: Dr. Aman Kaur, CEO, AiM Dental Alliance

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Alisha Gerrard

Help! Software Subscription Overload!

Guest Speaker: Alisha Gerrard, Office Manager, Wasatch Dental Association

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