Customized Membership Plans

Grow Your Patient Base With a Customized Membership Solution

Nothing better than a customized practice management plan that benefits your practice and your patients alike! CareStack’s in-house dental membership makes it effortless.

*Membership Plans may be a paid add-on for some pricing bundles

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Customizable Benefits and Discounts

Customizable Benefits and Discounts

Build patient loyalty and provide personalized benefits for increased case acceptance.

Full Integration with the Patient Records

Full Integration With the Patient Records

Reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies in patient records, ensuring that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Automated Payments

Automated Payments

Auto-debit funds from patients' cards or bank accounts until the balance is paid and up to date.

Produce Great Results With Maximized Efficiency

With advanced features such as in-built payment plans, cards-on-file, and automated payment processing, CareStack gives you full-fledged control over the performance and profitability of your dental practice.

Eliminate the Need for External Membership Plans

Leverage the CareStack tools for increased case acceptance, revenue growth and patient retention

Customization and Seamless Integration

  • Customizable plans with seamless integration of patient management.

  • Allows you to view performance from a single platform.

  • Provide personalized care according to patient requirements.

What Do We Offer

  • Streamlines financial processes with automated subscription renewal and premium collection.

  • Standardized encryption of sensitive data.

  • Dedicated support team to get started on plan creation and fee management.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools to track performance, patient retention, revenue projections, and more.

Reach Your Practice Goals

  • Inclusive of advanced features such as in-built payment plans, cards-on-file, and automated payment processing.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce manual work with automated transactions.

  • Optimize operations and improve financial performance.