Centralize Operations & Scale Profitably

Reduce Overheads

As you add multiple locations, centralize your operations to decrease the overhead per office and improve the profitability of your group.

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Centralize Operations & Scale Profitably Centralize Operations & Scale Profitably

Dr. DAVID JONES CEO, Heritage Dental Partners

Centralize <span>Operations & Scale Profitably</span> From being able to know what’s happening at each location whenever we need it and up to the minute, CareStack has standardized operations to that point where scaling up is no more a difficult task. Centralize <span>Operations & Scale Profitably</span>

WHY Centralization

Software centralization creates predictable, repeatable performance and financial value over time.

By centralizing operations through a software platform, you can ensure consistency in performance while reducing overheads associated with growth.

Gain Higher Exit Multiples
Enterprise Administration

Enterprise Administration

  • Brand Management

    Give your group practice the power to manage multiple locations or groups of locations or multiple brands through a central admin panel.

  • User Administration

    Control what each user across all locations can access by using a centralized user profile management interface to define their roles and permissions.

  • Master Data Management

    Ensure accuracy in scheduling, treatment planning and billing performed across locations by maintaining high quality master data at an enterprise level.

Centralized Services

Centralized Services

  • Central Billing Office

    Maximize reimbursements by consolidating all your back office billing functions such as billing, handling denials, payer follow ups, AR management across all locations into a central billing office.

  • Call Center

    Eliminate operational tasks off the plate of the front-line employees by setting up a centralized call center for appointment reminders, recall management and billing questions.

  • Enterprise Reporting

    Give actionable insights to the executive management by aggregating data across all offices along with the necessary filters to measure the KPI’s for the entire organization or a group of locations or an individual location.



  • Clinical Quality Control

    Ensure high standards of care by standardizing clinical quality control across the enterprise through chart audit rules and smart notes that capture detailed documentation of the treatment.

  • Process Automation

    Standardize the operating procedures for scheduling, clinical and patient services across all the offices by setting up templates and automation workflows at an enterprise level.

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