Dental Treatment Planning

Online Dental Treatment Planning Software

CareStack's advanced treatment planner allows dental practices to easily create and manage treatment plans for their patients. Team members can create phases, rename them, and designate the time needed for each phase. They can also assign a treatment coordinator to track the success of the plan.

Within the treatment planner itself, easily drag and drop elements to build your desired plan. Different statuses can be used to categorize important information, such as alternative plans and insurance information, allowing patients to compare treatment options.

Once the treatment plan is complete, it can be printed or sent to the Patient Portal for signing. This allows the practice to efficiently manage pending treatment plans and ensure patients understand treatment options.

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Advanced Dental Treatment Planning Features

Plans or Phases

  • Plans

    Organize your treatment the way you want to see it, have alternate plans that allow for different proposals.

  • Phases

    Break treatment into phases, letting your patient know what comes first.

  • Rename

    Rename your plans and phases with treatment name, priority, time, whatever you decide.

Treatment Coordinator Actions

  • Assign a Treatment Coordinator

    Select the relevant team members and assign treatment planning tasks.

  • Insurance Verification

    Confirm benefit eligibility and submit treatment for approval.

  • Monitor Progress

    Easily view the status of treatment planning and case acceptance to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Intuitive Design

  • Drag & Drop

    Use the drag and drop feature to build treatment plans.

  • Multi Selector

    Import multiple elements together to easily build plans faster.

  • Quick Estimates

    Allows your team to quickly estimate the insurance and patient amount due.


  • Branding

    Use your own logo or practice branding to customize the treatment plan's appearance. Include a variation for each location, if desired.

  • Patient Specifics

    Add patient odontogram or relevant educational materials.

  • Custom Templates

    Create a design that works and save it for quick repeat use.

Easy Patient Acceptance

  • At-Home Digital

    Send proposed treatment plans and financial arrangement to the patient via the Patient Portal.

  • In-Office Digital

    Push the treatment plan to the Patient Kiosk for patient to sign immediately for same-day treatment.

  • In-Office Paper

    You’re in charge! Have your team print out and sign treatment plans, that can then be scanned and uploaded.

Benefits of CareStack Dental Treatment Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

How easy is it to treatment plan?

Easy! Propose treatment in either the odontogram or Advanced Planner. Then right-click on the treatments to place in plans or phases.

Can you have plans and phases?

Yes! Use plans or phases for your work. Put all your treatment in a plan or section out into phases. Allowing you to give the patient all the work needed or a piece of it at a time.

Can you assign timeframes to your treatment?

Sure! Assign time needed to your proposed treatment, making it easy for your team to schedule work needing completion, making it a breeze to schedule and plan.

How can we get the patient their treatment plan?

Print, email, or place into the Patient Portal, allowing patients to access at their convenience and consent to proposed treatment. Patients can also pay their balance directly through the CareStack Patient Portal.

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