UK GDPR-Compliance

UK GDPR-Compliance Dental Software

Our commitment to UK GDPR compliance ensures robust privacy and security for dental organisations and patients. Our advanced encryption guarantees data protection during transmission and storage while strict access controls and data minimisation practices align with UK GDPR principles. We collect only essential information, reducing the risk of breaches. CareStack's privacy-by-design approach seamlessly integrates privacy measures into our systems, reflecting our proactive stance in line with the UK GDPR. Transparent consent management allows patients control over their data, and adherence to additional UK GDPR measures, including Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and a designated Data Protection Officer (DPO), further underscore our commitment.

With CareStack, dental organisations and patients can trust a platform that prioritises privacy and data security in full compliance with the UK GDPR.

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Advanced UK GDPR Compliance Details

Data Security Measures

Data security measures include practices, technologies, and procedures that ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These measures protect data from unauthorised access, modification, disclosure, or destruction and include encryption, firewalls, access controls, backups, and disaster recovery plans.

  • Data Encryption

    Utilising advanced encryption algorithms, CareStack ensures that patient data is secure during transmission and storage, in compliance with UK GDPR Article 32.

  • Access Controls

    Strict access controls, including role-based permissions, limit data access to authorised personnel, aligning with UK GDPR Article 5 on data protection by design and default.

  • Data Minimisation

    Following the principle of data minimisation, CareStack collects and stores only essential patient information, reducing the risk of data breaches and complying with UK GDPR Article 5.

  • Regular Audits and Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring and regular audits are implemented to quickly identify and fix security vulnerabilities, demonstrating accountability in line with Article 24 of the UK GDPR.

Data Types and Management

Effective data management is crucial for success, enabling better decision-making, improved processes, and a competitive edge.

  • Consent Management

    Patients have control over their data through explicit consent management, allowing them to provide, modify, or withdraw consent, meeting the requirements of UK GDPR Article 7.

  • Personal Data, Pseudonymised Data

    CareStack differentiates between personal and pseudonymised data to maintain confidentiality and comply with UK GDPR.

  • Data Backup

    Regular and secure data backups prevent data loss and facilitate quick recovery, aligning with UK GDPR Article 32 to ensure data integrity and resilience.

UK GDPR Compliance Procedures

  • Privacy by Design

    Privacy measures are integrated into the design of CareStack's systems and processes, aligning with the UK GDPR's emphasis on proactive data protection.

  • Subject Access Requests (SARs)

    CareStack facilitates prompt handling of Subject Access Requests (SARs), allowing patients to access their data in alignment with UK GDPR Article 15.

  • Legal and Regulatory Bases, Common Law Duty of Confidentiality

    CareStack operates within legal and regulatory bases, including the standard law duty of confidentiality, providing a solid foundation for data protection under UK GDPR Article 6.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

    We utilise Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to identify and mitigate risks associated with patient data handling, ensuring adherence to the UK GDPR and safeguarding privacy.

Additional Compliance Procedures

  • Data Protection Officer

    We've appointed a Data Protection Officer for compliance with data protection laws.

  • International Data Transfers

    We utilise lawful methods to transfer data internationally in accordance with the regulations outlined in the UK GDPR.

  • Records of Processing Activities

    We maintain comprehensive records of our data processing activities to adhere to the requirements of the UK GDPR.

  • Incident Response and Reporting

    We have established a swift incident response plan to promptly address data breaches, aligning with the stipulations outlined in the UK GDPR.

  • Children's Data Protection

    Always secure your laptop/desktop, especially if it contains e-PHI data.

  • Data Subject Impact Assessments

    We assess the impact of our data processing on individuals, especially for automated decisions.

  • Data Retention and Erasure Policies

    We maintain explicit policies regarding the duration and methods of data erasure, ensuring compliance with the provisions outlined in the UK GDPR.

  • Supplier and Third-Party Risk Management

    We ensure that our suppliers and third-party entities adhere to the data security requirements stipulated by the UK GDPR.

  • Training and Awareness Programs

    We regularly train employees on data protection and UK GDPR updates.

Benefits of CareStack’s UK GDPR-Compliant

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