Dental Patient Portal

Online Dental Patient Portal Software

The CareStack Patient Portal is an online platform that allows patients to interact with their dental practice. Securely hosted behind 2-factor authentication, patient medical information and account status are easily accessed on any device with an Internet connection. Patient portals benefit both patients and providers by increasing efficiency and productivity. 

How does it work? Patients simply opt-in to receive patient portal notifications. Then they can sign in and complete the 2-factor authentication login process. With registration complete, patients can access medical records, make payments, and complete forms.

The patient portal improves patient care & provider workflow. It’s user-friendly and puts all their desired actions right at their fingertips. And with CareStack, patient portals are included as part of an all-in-one practice software, eliminating the need for additional subscriptions!

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large multi-site practices and still affordable for single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Advanced Dental Patient Portal Features

Welcome to the Home Page

  • Helpful Dashboard

    Contains 4 different sections as payments, upcoming appointments, pending forms, and treatment pending.

  • Interactive & Functional

    Easily select the specific area you would like to work in ie… payments.

  • Easy Appointment Confirmations

    See all your current appointments and the option to confirm future appointments.

Customizable Online Booking Feature

  • Direct Booking

    Allows your patients to find an appropriate slot in your calendar and fully book the appointment. Your team will not need to take action to finalize the appointment.

  • Indirect Booking

    Appointment requests—allow the patient to find a slot and request an appointment for the slot. Your team will need to finalize the appointment.

  • Message

    Allows your patients to send a message inquiring about a specific reason they need an appointment. This will require a follow-up call or text message from the office.

Detailed Documents & Forms

  • Pending Forms

    Patients can search for forms to sign as well as complete their medical history.

  • Incomplete Forms

    These forms will be conveniently listed on the home page.

  • Completed Forms

    These forms will be removed from the pending forms section.

  • Uploading Documents

    A patient can upload their EOB.

Treatment Communication With The Patient

  • Treatment Plan

    Patients have access to view and sign recommended treatment plans.

  • Upcoming Treatment

    Patients can view their accepted and scheduled treatment.

  • Past Treatment

    Access past completed treatments along with financials.

Precise Payment information with access to statements

  • Patient/Account Balances

    Patients can view their balance and make payments for themselves.

  • Account Payments

    The responsibility party can view all consolidated payments along with payment types for their account.

  • Statements

    Patients can have their statements sent to the patient portal to save time on the mailing process and/or misplacing their bill.

Benefits of CareStack Dental Patient Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

Do I have to allow the patient to see their balance due?

No, you can change the settings of what the patient can see in their portal.

Can my spouse see my account information?

Only the responsible party will see the entire account information. If the spouse wants to have their own email address they can then view their account information.

Can anyone else log in under my email address?

Carestack has created a 2-factor authentication which will send you an email with a sequence of numbers that will be required to log in.

Can the patient request different types of appointments from the patient portal?

If you have the production calendar set, then patients can view the availability for specific types of appointments such as recall and emergency exams.

Why the Smartest Dentists are Switching to CareStack

CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.