Dental Payment Reminders

Online Dental Payment Reminders Software

When dental practices struggle to collect payments from patients, CareStack's all-in-one dental software offers built-in payment reminders. So don't pay third-party vendors for this functionality. With CareStack, easily create targeted lists based on selected criteria, then send payment reminders to effectively manage patient collections.

Notifications are automatically sent via email, text, or phone, reminding patients to pay their outstanding balances.

Late payments & non-payments are major challenges, but ones that can be overcome, so choose an integrated software that's easy and convenient to use for your team members.

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large multi-site practices and still affordable for single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Advanced Dental Payment Reminders Features

Quicker Turnaround

  • Tech-Savvy

    Patients increasingly prefer text communication instead of calls or mail, making texts far more likely to produce desired outcomes.

  • Mass Send

    Send voicemails or text message with a few clicks, instead of spending hours calling and leaving voicemails.

  • Cost Savings

    No costly stamps, envelopes, nor time required to stuff mail.

Office Productivity

  • Leading Edge of Technology

    Modern technology communicates quality, and patients feel more confident in their dental care.

  • Quick & Convenient

    Offers your patients a secure and quick way to pay.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Instantly see payments made in response to reminders, and explore important metrics via analytics and reporting.

Patient Lists

  • Targeted, Not Mass

    Send text messages reminders to subsets of patients based on your parameters, such as balance amount, date last contacted, etc.

  • Scheduled Messages

    Choose the time interval between patients receiving the initial statement and a reminder.

  • Credit Management

    Message patients with credit approval to schedule future appointments.

Customizable Messages

  • Create Urgency or Relief

    Utilize calls to action, or let patients know they have a balance and provide a great chance to take care of it.

  • High-Value Messages

    Contact high-balance patients or those behind on payment plans directly to have a more detailed conversation on their balance.

  • Add a Personal Touch

    You know your patients best! Add a personal touch for a friendly conversational tone, rather than a stern warning or reprimand.

Benefits of CareStack Payment Reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

Do I have to rebuild my patient lists each time?

No. CareStack offers robust options for the practice to sort, build, and save list criteria for future use. For instance if you wanted to send a reminder to patients that owe $100 or more, you can retrieve that list again the next time you are looking to use it.

Is there a quick and easy way for the patients on these lists to make payments?

Your office has the ability to use our integrated merchant, which offers Text to Pay functionality. This allows your patients to take care of balances through a text while eliminating the double-entry reconciliation, saving the practice time and money.

Can I view my list outside of CareStack?

Yes. your custom-tailored patient lists can be exported as .csv files and be used in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple, Numbers, and anyother spreadsheet editing software.

Is there a character limit for the text message sent to patients?

The character limit for the text message is 120 characters. It is important to keep message length brief to ensure the text is received in it’s entirety on all devices and carriers, including older model cell phones.

Why the Smartest Dentists are Switching to CareStack

CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.