Improve clinical efficiency

CareStack’s clinical module is built to maximize patient care. It’s configurable to your practice; it connects seamlessly with billing and enables clinical staff to devote more time to patient care.

dental clinical charting

Customize the charting experience

Lack of integrated tools for charting, treatment planning, and clinical notes results in lost production and clinical inefficiency.

With CareStack, customize charts with the treatments you offer. See patient status, assign conditions, and plan treatments directly from the chart. Providers can work faster with better visibility into each patient’s oral health.

Error free Dental notes for claim documentation

Improve clinical accuracy with smart notes

Clinical note-taking is prone to human error, impacting clinical accuracy. Inconsistencies associated with clinical documentation can create severe financial liabilities for the practice.

CareStack allows providers to record clinical notes at chairside with ease and accuracy. With customizable note templates and clinical decision support, errors are eliminated, and accuracy is maintained.

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Create and sign off treatment plans digitally and easily

Quickly create and present treatment plans

Proposing treatment plans consume valuable chairtime. Without the right tools, case acceptance does not improve and adversely impacts the revenue of the practice.

CareStack allows providers to create a treatment plan quickly, generate consent forms, and get the patient to give their consent through digital signatures using a touchscreen or a signature pad right at the chairside.

“Treatment planning is well integrated with charting and helps me take care of my patients better.”
- Jackie, Treatment co-ordinator
dental imaging with apteryx built-in

Store and access X-rays
on the cloud

On-premise imaging solutions require the practice to invest in imaging servers that require maintenance, data backups, and software upgrades.

CareStack’s cloud-based imaging solution allows providers to store patient X-rays on the cloud and access the images from anywhere, anytime.

faster claim reimbursements and less claim denials with rule engine

Maintain compliance with care audit rules

Claims are rejected or denied due to lack of additional documentation associated with procedure codes, resulting in low First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPAR) and longer reimbursement cycles.

CareStack’s clinical rules module prompts your clinical staff to capture all required documentation and narratives for the procedures at chairside, reducing the chance of claim rejections and denials.

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Additional features

Perio charting

Allows visit-to-visit comparison and automatic calculation of measurements to diagnose conditions quickly.


Providers can prescribe at their fingertips, including weight-based prescriptions and controlled substances.

Alerts and notifications

Customize medical history information to appear as alerts on the patient record.

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Brent Kaplan
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