CareStack: The best cloud-based dental software

A modern and efficient dental practice management software is vital to ensure a dental business, whether solo, group or DSO, stays in the pink of enterprise health.To land an advantageous spot on the market every dental practice must adopt modern and upgraded dental enterprise software.The most recent buzzword in the dental practice management solution business is the ‘cloud’. Companies are shrinking in size but expanding in tandem with the latest technology housed in clouds and delivered via high-speed internet. The smartest among them have gone 100% paperless with complete cloud-based dental practice management solutions and have revolutionized the organizational structure.

Dental Front Office Software

Patient intake forms and eligibility analysis can be automated. Patients can enter their data on their own and can reduce inadvertent errors that creep in at the busy front offices.

The cloud-based centralized scheduling calendar is as flexible as your hard calendar but is an all-encompassing inventory that lists out every single operatory managed by the dental practice and helps in deploying resources more effectively.

Dental Clinical Tools

Charting, treatment planning, care notes, periodontal charting, imaging, patient records, and even prescriptions can be done on the chair-side monitor in modern cloud-based dental practice management solutions, making the whole process considerably faster and way more convenient.

The intuitive and rule-based code management system ensures that the dental patient treatment codes are added accurately resulting in better maintained patient records and enhanced possibilities of accurate insurance approvals.

Dental Billing Software

Finance modules feature options for fee schedule management, e-claims, printing paper claims wherever needed without the need for manual entry, claim tracking, ERA posting, statements or even regular financial reports, all of which can be done remotely.

Patient Portal

Cloud-based dental practice management greatly adds to patient comfort. CareStack’s integrated patient portal allows your patients to store and remotely access all their documents and imaging files, even at a different facility via the referral portals. This, in turn, adds to the quality of service delivered by the dental practitioner and leaves the patient more satisfied.

Why aim for the cloud?


Electronic data also ensures better compliance with HIPAA guidelines, mandatory for any dental practice. Storing all your information on the cloud in digital format helps the practice ensure the patient’s data is sealed and protected for utmost privacy and no breach whatsoever happens. This is possible with a cloud-based dental practice management solution like CareStack that can seal and shelf the data and ensure database customization to decide who has access to the sensitive data.


The primary reason a dental practice must consider upgrading themselves to the cloud ecosystem is to enhance accuracy. Cloud-based dental practice management systems can ensure your data stays pristine and devoid of errors as it can be sealed for accuracy right from the point of intake which can be done directly from the patient.

With CareStack, the patients can book online, via green channel counters or kiosks, thus reducing the chances of error and enhancing patient confidence. This also enhances the chances of insurance delivery as most rejections and denials happen because of faulty data.


With records going digital, every action leaves a trail. Errors could be expensive in a dental practice as it could result in insurance bounces. This means with cloud-based dental practice management every expensive error in the process can be traced back to the origin and be accounted for, thus increasing ownership and responsibility.


Cloud based systems store their data more securely and ensure curt processing adding reliability and accessibility.


Electronic records stored on cloud based dental practice management solutions are readily accessible, no matter the time, location or type of file.


Speed: The patient’s check-in to check out time reduces when the office is made paperless. This streamlines the workflow to achieve maximum efficiency.