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Online Dental Analytics and Reporting Software

CareStack’s real-time dental analytics and reporting software features reports, dashboards, and scorecards to track and visualize critical key performance indicators and then presents you with key actionable insights.

Knowing how your business is doing is almost as crucial as running its day-to-day operations. Understanding your practice's growth, production, and profitability becomes easy when you can monitor success and progress toward goals. And having these robust reporting features included within your practice management software is highly beneficial, so you don’t have to rely on outside data analysis or deal with costly third-party add-on software.

With CareStack's Operational Reports and Analytic Dashboards, sort and view detailed data for your entire organization, region, or single office. And the abundant options allow you to also filter reports by provider, or individual user—the options are almost endless!

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

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Advanced Analytics and Reporting Features

Numerous Reporting Categories

  • Financial-Based Reports

    Monitor important items to your financial health via the Aging and Credit Balances Reports.

  • Production-Based Reports

    Review performance via Daily Production Numbers (Income Allocation) and End of Day Report.

  • Appointment-Based Reports

    Easily monitor relevant activities with Appointments by Users and New Patient Reports.

Discover In-Depth Metrics

  • Clock In/Clock Out Report

    Help prevent costly overtime by quickly viewing all hours worked by all team members using the time clock feature.

  • Insurance Pending Procedures Report

    Avoid missing timely filing deadlines by discovering overlooked items to be sent to insurance.

  • Insurance Plans Report

    A fantastic report to quantify how many patients utilize which specific plans—and determine if it is time to drop a carrier!

Easy-to-Use Goal Setting

  • Intuitive Goal Creation

    Build a yearly production plan and track monthly results to ensure targets are met and identify when action is needed.

  • Goals By Provider or Location

    Assign goals to all providers or modify them to be provider-specific. And for multiple offices, set goals by location.

  • Set Working Days or Hours

    Adjust working days and hours assigned in the month to accommodate the ideal production activities needed to achieve goals.

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

  • Build Your Own Metrics

    Choose your ideal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and view real-time data to get ahead of issues and monitor future concerns.

  • Sharable Dashboard Templates

    Build custom Dashboards and share them with team members who need to track the same metrics.

  • Knowledgeable Support Team

    Work with our Client Success Team to stay on top of Key Performance Indicators and identify valuable monthly trends.

Permissions-Based Reporting Access

  • Hide All Reports

    When team members don’t require access, disable this portion of the software to increase efficiency and reduce time spent where not beneficial.

  • Partial Access

    Hide reports on an individual basis, removing irrelevant reports from different employees and positions.

  • Full Access

    Any employee can be assigned Super Admin status, granting access to all reports.

Benefits of CareStack Analytics and Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

For queries contact

Are all the reports real-time data?

Yes, most is in real-time, and you have access to an analytics index that shows how we calculate the data and how often it is refreshed.

Can I modify reports to suit my unique needs?

Yes, you have the ability to drill down or filter reports based on how you want to see the data based on your specific business needs.

What happens if I need a report you do not have?

You can build a report in our scorecard or list builder, which gives you access to most data points inside CareStack. During onboarding, you will have a dedicated training day just for reporting.

Are there ways to verify the accuracy of the Reports?

Yes. Many of our reports include data that can be verified in other reports as well. We always ask that you bring any concerns to us so we can analyze them, but we are very confident you will see equitable results among different reports, validating their accuracy.

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CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.