Insurance Verification

Online Insurance Verification Software

Part of Carestack 's all-in-one solution includes online insurance verification software. It is flexible, intuitive, and eliminates 3rd party vendors. CareStacks online insurance verification software will verify your patients' insurance coverage, resulting in a better overall patient experience. It provides an immediate boost to your practice's bottom line by saving time and maximizing accuracy.

Within CareStack's verification module, easily access patients' dental insurance benefits and treatment plans, allowing your team to access the information needed to quote your patients with accuracy. It includes information on eligibility, maximums & deductibles, coverage/benefits levels, exclusions & limitations, and even alternative benefits.

All these unique capabilities lead to a great patient experience during the insurance verification process.

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Advanced Insurance Verification Features

Patient Eligibility Status

  • Patient Overview

    See when eligibility needs to be checked via several notifications/warnings.

  • Patient Lists to Show Eligibility Needed

    Filter patient lists by appointment date, last checked date, provider, or location.

  • Color-Coded Schedule

    The Scheduler can show you which patients need eligibility checked with color-coded appointment blocks.

Easily Send Electronic Requests

  • Electronic Eligibility Response

    Just click, and a few seconds later, the eligibility benefits section header will show an electronic eligibility response.

  • Filter By Provider

    You can filter eligibility status by provider.

Record & Edit Eligibility Details

  • Set Eligibility Details at Multiple Levels

    Record eligibility details including maximums and deductibles, coverage/benefits levels, exclusions and limitations, and alternative benefits.

  • Change Benefits Globally

    Changes to the plans in CareStack will automatically make the change for all patients on that plan.

  • Make Individual Plan Changes

    CareStack allows you to make individual changes for a patient on a plan for deductibles and maximums met or used.

Benefits of CareStack Insurance Verification

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does CareStack give you the option to print a hard copy of the eligibility obtained?

Yes, you have the capability to print a hard copy of the insurance verification obtained through CareStack if needed.

Does Carestack have access to all or most insurance companies?

Yes, Carestack gives you access to any insurance that has the capability for electronic verification just as any 3rd party vendor would have, giving you the ability to eliminate that 3rd party vendor.

Can I check eligibility on any patient in CareStack or do they need a scheduled appointment?

Yes, you can check eligibility on any patient in CareStack.

Why the Smartest Dentists are Switching to CareStack

CareStack's software is cost-effective and efficient, helping organizations of all sizes streamline operations and reduce costs while also helping to provide outstanding care.