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Online Dental Membership Plans Software

Easily manage your in-house membership plans with seamless integration into the CareStack Membership Online Portal. From a single online platform, offer affordable and personalized care by designing your plans, enrolling your patients, and viewing performance metrics.

With the seamless integration, you can leverage the CareStack ecosystem and tools for increased case acceptance & reimbursement rates, thereby generating recurring revenue, boosting patient loyalty, and improving patient satisfaction

Most importantly, leave behind the burdens of third party payment delays, claim denials, and paperwork. Instead, CareStack gives your practice full customization and control of its plans and members, utilizing data-driven insights for deeper analysis of plan performance and accelerated revenue growth. 

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Membership module may be a paid add-on for select pricing plans.

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Advanced Membership Plans Features

Dedicated Membership Management Portal

  • Plan Health Analytics

    Monitor vital plan health metrics sliced across locations and plans.

  • Plan Creation & Management

    Integrated in-house membership plans include fully customizable benefits, premium payment dollar amounts and payment terms, as well as discounts.

  • Member Management

    One place to manage all subscribers—current, past, and interested prospects. Plus, kickstart specialized plan-related campaigns.

  • Transactions

    View and manage all patient payment premium transactions in multiple statuses, such as Failed, Pending, Success, and Terminated.

Integrated Workflow Management

  • Contextual Plan Presentation

    Enabling users with information to present plans at various touchpoints in the patient record, such as from the appointment, the chart, or the treatment planner.

  • Seamless Patient Subscription & Collections

    Easy to use workflows to sign a patient up for a membership plan, along with automated subscription collection and automatic plan renewal.

  • Track Benefits Utilization

    Automatic record keeping of remaining free benefits in each patient record.

  • Automated Discounts

    Discounts are calculated and posted automatically for services performed as a free or included benefit, as well as discounted services, leaving no room for error or manual entry or a forgotten entry.

  • Financial Reporting Impact

    Discounts are also easily trackable under a multitude of CareStack Financial Reports, giving you the ability to customize how you view financial reporting and manage provider payroll in regard to membership discounts.

Leverage CareStack Ecosystem

  • Seamless Integration

    Access all of CareStack’s exclusive features such as use cases at treatment planning, revenue management, reporting, and analytics.

  • Data Driven Insights

    Vital metrics that can be sliced and diced across plans and locations for deeper analysis, which enables early course correction and growth strategies.

  • Expand Your Business Offerings

    Enable uninsured and underinsured patients to receive exceptional care at a discounted rate, without the hassle of waiting to get paid from third party payors and subject to insurance exclusions, limitations, and reimbursement fees. In-House Memberships give your office the ability to tap into a new market without the hassle of membership management.

Benefits of CareStack Membership Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I collect payment from my patients for an in-house membership?

Premium or membership subscription payment management is automatic through the fully integrated CS Pay payment solution, auto debiting funds from your patient’s card or bank account to fulfill the premium balance. If a payment bounces, the membership goes into a hold status, holding back discounts and benefits until the balance is paid and up to date.

Do I have to manually renew my patient’s on their membership plan each year?

With the auto renew option built into the patient sign up process, your patient’s membership plan with auto renew on the sign up anniversary of each year, automatically creating a new payment schedule for premium collection

Do I have to enter in the discounts manually?

All procedure codes have a discount mapped to them automatically, which is determined in the plan set up. Whether it’s a 100% discount, giving that procedure as a free service, or a lesser discount, the discount is not only automatically calculated at the time of treatment planning, but is also posted automatically at the time of a code completion in the patient ledger, removing the possibility of entering a wrong discount or forgetting to enter a discount altogether.

How does the membership discount affect my financial reports?

With the uniqueness of each office and their business needs, we created the discount to be flexible, so it doesn’t impact your net production, but instead, only impacts your collections. Alternatively, each financial report in CareStack gives the option to include or exclude the membership discount in your totals, to give a customized total depending on your business model, which also includes calculating provider payroll when based on production, collection, or applied payments.

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