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Online payments are an important feature for dental practices, providing a convenient & secure way for patients to pay. With any computer or mobile device, patients can pay without the need to write a check or handle cash. The result is a more streamlined & efficient payment experience, with less risk of errors and fraud.

Online payments can also help dental practices improve cash flow and reduce administrative burdens. By offering convenient online options, patients often submit their payments in a more timely manner. Furthermore, CareStack's all-in-one solution features automatic reconciliation, so you don't have to track down the patient's account to apply the payment. Don't miss out—contact us today to learn more about getting online payments at your practice!

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large DSOs and still affordable for small mobile providers and single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Dental software features: Online payments

Benefits of CareStack Online Payments

Advanced Online Payments Features

Online Statements

  • E-Statements

    Patients have a single location to access electronic statements that detail the treatment provided.

  • Easy Access

    Patients who have an email can log in to their Patient Portal anytime to view their eStatement.

Online statements

Online Payments

  • Portal Payments

    Patients can make their payment online through the Patient Portal in the same convenient location where they can view their eStatements.

  • Patient Portal

    Patients who have an email can log in to their patient portal at anytime.

Online payments


  • Text-to-Pay

    Patient can conveniently receive a text message regarding their payment due and pay their bill by clicking the link in the text message.

  • Third Party

    to utilize this feature, an account will need to be created with an integrated third-party merchant vendor, such as Apex or BluePay.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some benefits of patients receiving their bills online?

It is fast and convenient. Patients won’t misplace their bills. Patients can receive bills at any time and at any place.

What are the benefits of patients paying their bills online?

Paying online gives patients the flexibility to pay at any time and at any place. Our clients report getting paid much quicker when utilizing online payments.

How long does it take for payments to process online?

Online payments are posted directly to the ledger against completed treatment instantly.

How secure are online payments?

All transactions are processed through a secure website, and all transactions are encrypted. Any personal information entered, such as credit card information, will be used only for the one-time transaction and will not be saved on our system or shared for any other purpose.