Dental Patient Kiosk

Online Dental Patient Kiosk Software

When patients come to your office, there’s nothing worse than requiring a huge stack of paperwork. Instead, Patient Connect is CareStack’s integrated tool for patients and team members to connect electronically with the CareStack Patient Portal.

In Kiosk Mode, patients can register, check-in for their appointments, add or edit their information, and complete forms—all without paper and from the comfort of the reception area. And there are no security concerns because patients can only access their own records.

In Office Mode, team members have a direct connection to all patient portals. Easily present consent forms & treatment plans to patients while chairside. And access the relevant materials to guide patients through tasks.

In Provider Mode, dentists can access calendars to see scheduled appointments. Each provider will only see their own appointments, and of course, have easy access to corresponding patient records as needed.

For the ultimate dental software, choose the solution that’s scalable for growing dental start-ups or large multi-site practices and still affordable for single-office dental practices. Choose CareStack!

Advanced Dental Patient Kiosk Features

Kiosk Mode

  • Pending Forms

    Patients will be prompted to complete any pending forms that have been added to their record prior to the appointment.

  • Verify/Edit Information

    Patients will also be prompted to verify and, if necessary, edit/add any profile information.

  • Check-In For Appointments

    By checking in on Kiosk Mode - the appointment will automatically update in CareStack.

Office Mode

  • Present Treatment

    You can access the proposed treatment for each patient and create a chairside treatment plan to present and have the patient sign.

  • Add Forms

    Forms can be added chairside for patients to complete and sign as needed.

  • Review & Complete Pending forms

    Forms that have been flagged for provider signature can be reviewed and signed from this mode as well.

Provider Mode

  • Access On The Go

    Mobile-friendly views to see scheduled patients for each provider.

  • Patient Information At-a-Glance

    Access patient portal information, review and sign pending forms, and see scheduled treatment for the appointment.

  • Specialized View

    This is a feature only granted to those with provider designation.

Benefits of CareStack Dental Patient Kiosk

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I ensure patients can only see their own information?

Patients will log in with their last name and DOB. They will only be able to see their information for that day’s appointment. In Kiosk mode, once they have checked in will be automatically logged out after 10 seconds to prevent another patient from accessing their information.

Will patients be able to see all treatment proposed in the Kiosk mode?

No - they will only see accepted treatment. All proposed treatment will be visible in Office and Provider Modes only.

Can I have a new patient register using Patient Connect?

Yes! Registering as a new patient is a feature in the Kiosk Mode.

Do I have the capability to limit the fields needed to be completed by patients in Kiosk mode?

Yes - you can select what information is requested from the patients and also decide whether or not that information is mandatory.

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