Streamline the front desk experience

Eliminate paperwork and HIPAA breaches with CareStack. With innovative technology and automation tools, transform the front desk experience at your practice.

self check in patient kiosk for dental patients

Allow patients to quickly

Patients get frustrated when there is a longer waiting time at the reception. Additionally, this results in lost chair time and takes over administrative staff time.

With CareStack, you can hand patients an iPad, or mount a kiosk stand at the reception area and allow them to self-check-in. Patients can sign forms, complete their medical history information, and update demographic information without consuming staff time.

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dental appointment

Optimize scheduling with a powerful calendar

Managing appointments for different operatories and providers can be hard, especially for multi-location practices. Incorrect scheduling leads to unhappy patients and lost revenue.

With CareStack’s multi-site calendar, your staff can view and manage every appointment over all your operatories and locations. Using the slot finder, you can instantly find open slots, book appointments, and assign treatment codes.

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dental insurance eligibility forms

Maintain accurate eligibility documentation

Errors in eligibility documentation may result in higher claim rejections, thereby increasing the operational cost of claim management and resulting in longer reimbursement cycles.

Improve your claim acceptance rate and avoid denials by using our smart eligibility forms, which capture and structure the eligibility data, which is then used to analyze and warn about potential inaccuracies in claim information before the claim is submitted.

“With fast and easy scheduling, it increases staff productivity and helps me engage with patients better.”
- Melissa, Practice administrator
easy patient recalls

Easily book recalls

Practices lose recall revenue due to mismanagement of recall schedules. Managing regular recall campaigns with each patient in mind is a daunting task.

With CareStack’s proactive recall approach, increase patient retention, cultivate patient relationships, reduce last-minute openings, and eliminate a labor-intensive manual recall process.

easy financing with dental payment plans

Increase treatment acceptance with payment plans

Uninsured patients may find the cost of dentistry to be too high, resulting in low treatment acceptance.

CareStack provides built-in payment plans by leveraging integrated merchant processing, which helps you offer flexible payment plans to your patients from within your chart, thus improving your treatment acceptance rates and boosting revenues.

Additional features

Find slot

Quickly search for matching slots in the next day, next week or even after the next six months.

ASAP lists

Find and reschedule patients who have asked for an earlier slot using our ASAP lists.

Schedule templates

Use our provider schedule templates to set up schedule availability for recurring periodic provider visits.

Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

Improve clinical efficiency

CareStack’s clinical module is built to maximize patient care. It’s configurable to your practice; it connects seamlessly with billing and enables clinical staff to devote more time to patient care.

dental charting

Customize the charting experience

Lack of integrated tools for charting, treatment planning, and clinical notes results in lost production and clinical inefficiency.

With CareStack, customize charts with the treatments you offer. See patient status, assign conditions, and plan treatments directly from the chart. Providers can work faster with better visibility into each patient’s oral health.

Error free Dental notes for claim documentation

Improve clinical accuracy with smart notes

Clinical note-taking is prone to human error, impacting clinical accuracy. Inconsistencies associated with clinical documentation can create severe financial liabilities for the practice.

CareStack allows providers to record clinical notes at chairside with ease and accuracy. With customizable note templates and clinical decision support, errors are eliminated, and accuracy is maintained.

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Create and sign off treatment plans digitally and easily

Quickly create and present treatment plans

Proposing treatment plans consume valuable chairtime. Without the right tools, case acceptance does not improve and adversely impacts the revenue of the practice.

CareStack allows providers to create a treatment plan quickly, generate consent forms, and get the patient to give their consent through digital signatures using a touchscreen or a signature pad right at the chairside.

“Treatment planning is well integrated with charting and helps me take care of my patients better.”
- Jackie, Treatment co-ordinator
dental imaging with apteryx built-in

Store and access X-rays
on the cloud

On-premise imaging solutions require the practice to invest in imaging servers that require maintenance, data backups, and software upgrades.

CareStack’s cloud-based imaging solution allows providers to store patient X-rays on the cloud and access the images from anywhere, anytime.

faster claim reimbursements and less claim denials with rule engine

Maintain compliance with care audit rules

Claims are rejected or denied due to lack of additional documentation associated with procedure codes, resulting in low First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPAR) and longer reimbursement cycles.

CareStack’s clinical rules module prompts your clinical staff to capture all required documentation and narratives for the procedures at chairside, reducing the chance of claim rejections and denials.

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Additional features

Perio charting

Allows visit-to-visit comparison and automatic calculation of measurements to diagnose conditions quickly.


Providers can prescribe at their fingertips, including weight-based prescriptions and controlled substances.

Alerts and notifications

Customize medical history information to appear as alerts on the patient record.

Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

Optimize the patient experience

Patients are the lifeblood of your practice. You need to deliver a superior patient experience in order to succeed in today’s healthcare market. With CareStack, you get the full benefit of end-to-end patient experience management.

kiosk paperless dental patient forms

Say goodbye to paper forms

Patients feel dissatisfied with the tedious paperwork on their visit to the dentist. Additionally, this results in lost chair time as a patient must complete the paperwork before being seated.

Through a secure patient portal or an iPad kept at the front office, critical patient information and signatures can be captured conveniently. This eliminates data entry errors, frees up staff time, and creates a stress-free check-in process.

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book dental appointments online with ease through online appointment booking

Fill up your open slots with
online scheduling

Many patients want to book initial and return visits when it’s convenient for them, not necessarily when the office is open.

Online scheduling allows patients to book directly into your schedule based on the time slots that you would like to make available. With CareStack, your office is open 24/7 to serve the scheduling needs of patients.

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Reduce dental appointment cancellations with automated sms email reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

Most patients don’t show up because they forget their appointment. A no-show rate of more than 10 percent can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

With CareStack, you can send out reminders using patient preferences — text messages, emails, or voice calls — that too, customized with pre-appointment instructions. Patients can quickly confirm or cancel and reschedule.

How to engage your customers with your practice

Dental providers can easily add to the overall patient experience through tailored care and attending to individual patient needs. In this whitepaper, we explore the various aspects of the patient engagement cycle.

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boost reputation with dental review feature tied directly to your website

Boost your online presence with positive patient reviews

A positive online reputation is essential for practice growth. Surveys show that 84 percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers.

With CareStack, you can selectively push review requests to patients during check-out. Use this capability to boost your image online and spread the word through social media.

integrated phone for call identification and communication

Provide an exceptional experience on the phone

One of the top complaints from patients is not getting a personalized experience when they call into the office.

With CareStack, you can automatically identify incoming or outgoing calls and display patient details, appointments history, insurance details, balances, notes, and other relevant information.

Additional features

Targeted patient campaigns

Customize the recipient list of patients with a patient list builder and send them personalized communication.

Direct SMS messaging

Text messages can be sent directly from CareStack’s message center to any patient with a mobile number.

Patient referrals

Get more patient referrals with ready-to-send campaigns and configurable invitations to refer at every interaction.

Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

Maximize insurance reimbursement

With CareStack, capture and leverage data in your claims management workflows, reducing claim denials and rejections, maximizing insurance reimbursements, and patient collections.

dental claims

Centralize billing, accounting, and reporting

Managing accounts and receivables for multiple locations can be time-consuming and prone to errors due to the manual effort in reconciling data from different systems.

With CareStack, you can generate claims, manage rejections and denials, and post insurance payments and ERAs from a central billing office. This results in improving practice efficiency and streamlining A/R management.

advanced dental billing rules to eliminate claim denials and rejections

Minimize errors with insurance billing rules

Lapses in billing and errors in insurance forms can lead to claim rejections and denials. This affects the performance and the revenue of your practice.

Billing rules available in CareStack ensures that all necessary claim information is accurately completed with necessary attachments before the claim is submitted to the clearinghouse.

Increase patient collections with credit card on file

Practices find it difficult to check up on patients and recover payments after check-out. This leads to low patient collections, affecting practice efficiency.

With recurring payments plans using a credit card on file and online payments, CareStack lifts the revenue of your practice by improving patient collections through automated and timely payments.

Revenue cycle playbook for dental professionals

Proper revenue cycle management is the core value that decides your dental practice’s financial success. This whitepaper aims to provide you with the best practices and guidelines that could help you find, fix, and prevent losses in your RCM.

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Increase case acceptance and production with flexible dental treatment planner

Increase case acceptance with integrated patient financing

Higher costs of treatment are increasingly leading to lower treatment acceptance by patients, leading to a loss of potential monetization for most dental practices

With CareStack’s integrated patient financing options, increase case acceptance and treatment revenue by offering payment plan options from multiple partners to all your patients, regardless of their credit scores.

Increase productivity by automating billing tasks

Repetitive billing tasks such as claim submission and insurance payment posting is prone to errors and incurs high overhead costs.

CareStack offers automated claim scrubbing, where errors are highlighted against each claim before submission. Our intelligent ERA processing module reads the incoming ERA, creates insurance check entries, and automatically posts the money against the corresponding claims and procedures, freeing up your billing team’s valuable time.

Additional features

Denial management

Immediately know if any of your submitted claims have been denied, correct them and resubmit instantly.


Easily personalize statements with customized messages and transmit them electronically or by mail to patients.

Billing analytics

Understand your billing performance and avoid surprises using our reporting and analytics.

Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

Enterprise-grade reporting and analytics

With CareStack, there is no more guesswork and speculation as you get to know your business more. With transparency and efficiency at the forefront, make the most of your practice with enterprise-grade analytics.

Business insights

Track trends, identify hidden opportunities and notify staff members to take timely action to address inefficiencies.

Real-time data access

Access your data with near-zero latency to derive real-time insights around staff performance and patient care.

Performance monitoring

Continuously monitor practice performance and alert the users when something is worth the attention.

manage key performance indicators for dental practices and make smart business decisions

Monitor KPIs and gain
real-time insights

Finding relevant key performance indicators and tracking them requires manual labor and excessive time. Small things become big misses over time, and these impact growth and success.

Choose from a library of more than 100 KPIs and measure them continuously to monitor the health of your practice. Analyze the performance of your operations by slicing and grouping data across weeks, months, quarters, or even years.

multi-location reporting and performance assessment with analytics dashboards

Benchmark performance across locations

Without accurate analytics, providers and staff feel they don’t have a stake in achieving goals or ownership of wins and losses. With multiple locations, specialties, and providers, tracking metrics becomes difficult.

Benchmark the performance of your providers and staff by comparing them against data from other locations. Set goals and give clear, actionable feedback to your staff members, thereby enabling them to measure and improve continuously.

Generate actionable patient lists

Tracking down patients and re-engaging them to come back to your practice can be difficult.

CareStack’s one-click Patient Lists feature enables you to generate patient call-lists based on more than 100 configurable criteria. Make use of this to identify and re-engage patients based on planned treatments, outstanding collections, unused benefits, and so on.

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Improving productivity with analytics

The path to efficiency is rigorous and requires continuous improvement of each and every element of the production, as well as operations. In this paper, we will discuss how to achieve this through analytics and understand why implementing analytics in your practice is becoming increasingly important.

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Additional features

Customizable reports

CareStack maintains a list of key reports for immediate use and can be customized to include additional fields.

Data dictionary

All of the KPI’s used in reporting are built into a data dictionary so that users don't have to worry about what field to select.

Huddle reports

Daily snapshot of yesterday, today and tomorrow for production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling.

Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

HIPAA compliant storage and transmission

Profiles and permissions

Add users and assign them permissions and privileges to suit the role assigned to them.

Transmission encryption

With SSL encryption, protect your data from all kinds of threats when it is in transmission.

Audit trails

Keep track who has edited what and when through a comprehensive HIPAA compliant audit log.

Secure communications

Enable users across locations and roles to exchange messages in a secure manner.

Automatic log off

Set customizable timers to automatically log-off users after a period of inactivity.

Continuous monitoring

Monitors requests in real-time and get notified of any suspicious activities.

Best ways to prevent data theft

Data theft has been making the news quite a bit off lately. Dental practices manage sensitive patient data and are also responsible for data security as per HIPAA guidelines. Read our blog on how to ensure enterprise-grade security to patient data.

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Trusted by leading dental offices across the nation

"You can’t go wrong with CareStack. CareStack is the best thing you can do for your practice.”
Brent Kaplan
  • Wilshire Dental
Midwest Dental
Plum Dental
Morrison Dental Group
TLC Dental & Orthodontics
Celebration Dental and Orthodontics

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