Streamline Billing, Collections & Profits

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Get total visibility into the financial performance while enabling your billing team to collect more, faster with less administrative work.

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Streamline Billing, Collections & Profits Streamline Billing, Collections & Profits


Streamline <span>Billing, Collections & Profits</span> CareStack has become our super RCM specialist. After switching to the cloud based software, we have seen a 30% increase in collections without even having to add a single person to the team. Streamline <span>Billing, Collections & Profits</span>

IMPROVE Cashflow

Insurance billing is complex. A breakdown in any part of the revenue cycle management process can result in severe cash flow issues.

CareStack provides integrated front and back-office billing functions to create efficiencies at each stage of the revenue cycle.

Collect More And Faster
Centralized Billing Office Settings

Centralized Billing Office Settings

  • Master Lists

    Set up master lists for codes, carriers, plans and fee schedules at an enterprise level. Using advanced capabilities to merge data, duplicates can be removed and a clean master list can be used for billing purposes.

  • Fee Schedule Management

    Upload fee schedules into a central repository and assign them to multiple locations through a single click. This will eliminate the need to duplicate fee schedules at an office level.

  • Automation

    Set up triggers and rules at an enterprise level to scrub claims, automate submission, track denials, post and adjust payments, generate statements and notify patients about outstanding balances.

Streamline Pre-Visit Tasks

Streamline Pre-Visit Tasks

  • Digital Patient Intake

    Collect patient demographics when scheduling the appointment using HIPAA compliant digital forms.

  • Smart Eligibility Forms

    Using smart eligibility forms, perform eligibility checks and re-checks to accurately estimate patient responsibility and correct any errors in information provided before the patient arrives on the day of their appointment.

Simplify Payments During Visit

Simplify Payments During Visit

  • Patient Payments Via Text

    Collect patient responsibility by sending a personalized text message with a link to view and pay the invoice.

  • Store Card On File

    Simplify patient billing by storing credit cards on file to create recurring payment plans.

Claims Processing And Management

Claims Processing And Management

  • Claim Scrubbing

    Validate charges using claim scrubber to catch coding mistakes, missing modifiers, etc. before claims go out.

  • Claims Submission

    Submit primary and secondary claims across locations from a central claim submission interface. CareStack integrates with all major clearing houses such as Dental Xchange and Change Healthcare.

  • Claim Tracking

    Enterprise level control centers with checks and balances built into it gives you a snapshot of all claims by their status (ready to submit, pending insurance, rejections, denials, no response claims etc.). This allows you to manage denials and rejections by gathering missing information, correcting data entry errors, and resubmitting electronic claims.

  • ERA Posting

    Automated payment posting module can handle a variety of scenarios related to denials, underpayments, overpayments, multiple adjustments and more. You can easily review detailed adjustment reasons, remark codes and take corrective action.

  • Manual Posting

    Enter the allowed amount, paid amount, and patient responsibility information to automatically calculate the contractual adjustments and post the appropriate transactions to the patient’s account.

  • Statements

    Send electronic as well as paper statements for the patient to review the balance and can make a quick, convenient, and secure payment online. Statements can be centrally generated across all locations through a single click.

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