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The Future of Pediatric Dental Care

CareStack offers state-of-the-art capabilities in our pediatric dental software to streamline operational workflows and enhance patient care and engagement. Our innovative and feature-rich software automates tedious, redundant tasks and equips pediatric practices with the ability to provide little patients with the highest level of care. With built-in features like insurance claims management, appointment reminders, and treatment planning, pediatric dentistry practice management is easier than ever.

CareStack’s pediatric dental practice management software is specifically designed to offer a fully integrated and comfortable chair-side experience for kids and parents alike. Features like paperless onboarding, automated billing, and online scheduling enable pediatric dentists and their teams to focus more on delivering quality care to young patients.

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Daytona's Pediatric Journey to a Paperless and Efficient Clinical Experience with CareStack

Dr Mubashir A Chaudhry

Dr. Chaudhry

Padiatric Dentist, Dayatona Pediatric Dentistry

Unique Features for Pediatric Practices

CareStack has a number of features that are built to solve the unique challenges faced by pediatric dental practices

Flexible Scheduling Capabilities

  • Family Appointment Booking

    Easily book appointments for multiple family members using the built-in scheduling features. Find slots for the same provider or specialty, Identify consecutive or concurrent slots within those results, and filter by morning/afternoon/evening time slots to set up appointments for the entire family.

  • Online Scheduling

    Set up your online scheduling to allow parents to find slots and book for themselves and their children. Configure your calendar to allow automatic direct booking from online scheduling, or set up a manual confirmation workflow to suit your practice needs.

  • Patient Records Linked to Family Members

    Easily pull up related family member information from your patient records to analyze upcoming family appointments so as to try and group them on the same day for patient convenience.

Payments and Billing

  • Patient and Account Ledgers

    Quickly analyze balances due for other family members and collect your payments to reduce aging. Configure to send out consolidated OR individual statements to family members according to your preferences.

  • Membership Plans

    Set up membership plans for the family or for individual patients. Enroll patients right from the time of appointment booking, or give them the ability to sign up from the patient portal.

  • Payment Plans for the Family

    Set up payment plans with a card-on-file, and collect payments automatically. Track and analyze missed payments and send out consolidated notifications as required.

Customizable Solutions for Pediatric Offices

  • Configurable ScoreCards and Dashboards

    Set up scorecards and dashboards to track and analyze payer performance, and payment plan collections, etc., Use the Opportunity Miner to identify potential opportunities and set up engagement campaigns to convert them.

  • Custom Capabilities for Patient Engagement

    Segment and engage your patient base with re-engagement campaigns to bring back patients who have not completed their treatment. Send automated birthday reminders, oral care newsletters, and promotional offers directly from CareStack, and track the response and impact of your campaigns.

  • Security, Compliance, and Documentation

    Stay compliant through tools for documenting consent forms, privacy policies, and other legal requirements. CareStack is HIPAA and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified.

Comprehensive Practice Management Capabilities

Comprehensive practice management software catering to all workflows required to efficiently run your practice


Digital Imaging

Capture, access, display, and share critical diagnostics.

Attach Images to Insurance Claims
Customized Image Layouts
Image Enhancement Tools
Intraoral Sensors and Cameras
Integrations for AI-driven image analysis
Treatment planning

Treatment Planning

Boost your chairside efficiency and improve treatment acceptance.

Digital Charting
Tx Planner
Digital Imaging
Online Prescriptions
Digital Case Presentation & Signatures

Clinical Notes

Easily record patient encounters with note templates and triggers.

Merge notes as needed
Templated & Customizable
Trigger notes based on predefined conditions
Branch questions inside notes based on responses
In-built alerts to ensure provider sign-off
Patient engagement

Patient Engagement

Deliver a patient-centric experience across all stages of their journey.

Online Scheduling
Patient Portal
2-Way Texting
Patient Forms
Reviews and Reputation Management
Patient payments

Patient Payments

Streamline the patient payment experience and reduce overdue balances.

Built-in Card-on File Capabilities
Pay via Text and Email
Payment Plans
Collection Automation
Electronic Statements
Reporting & analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insight on business performance with actionable analytics

Operational Reports
Daily Worklists
Intuitive Dashboards
Configurable KPI and Scorecards
Actionable Patient Lists

More Success Stories from Customers

Lauren McDaniel, MS

Lauren McDaniel, MS

Owner/Office Manager, Ortho 99 Plus 1

Saves a lot of time, money, and effort... intuitive and simple


"CareStack has a number of built-in features that saves a lot of time, money, and effort. The interface is intuitive and simple, making the switch a breeze. It eliminates the need for any additional third-party vendors."